Why would a newly-married man cheat on his wife?

: he always was and always will be a cheater

beware of the diseases he will bring home no charge.

I can't think of any acceptable situation for someone to cheat on their spouse. "Too eager and forward" Huh? It is irrelevant if the woman was totally naked and climbing all over him. He had a choice and apparently he made it.

The same reason any other man would cheat on his spouse or girlfriend--sexual excitement, emotional stimulation from another woman, to fill a void in their lives.

It really doesn't matter why, it matters if you want to try to save your marriage and get marital counseling, or divorce your husband. I will say that if he has already cheated early on in your marriage, their are obvious problems with the relationship.

I'm sick of this "void" in a person's life reasoning. A man would sexually cheat because sex is one of the greatest pleasures of life. Yes, Virginia, the reason could be because it actually feels great.

It's like asking, why would a man want a great massage?

The question is really why he can't control himself.

I'm trying to figure this one out. I think when a guy does this he really did not want to get married in the first place. I know someone who said he cheated on his wife during the courtship, engagement and now the very new marriage. This person should wake up and realize that his wife may eventually find out.