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that means it is infected and you need to take better care of it Because it's too soon to be changing your jewelry. And it sounds like you need to do some saline soaks and leave it alone for awhile. For proper aftercare go to

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โˆ™ 2006-04-16 14:43:26
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Q: Why would a piercing from two months ago sometimes be painful with scar tissue and pop and spill blood from the bottom of the hole when changing the ring?
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He has an industrial piercing on his left ear, this is sometimes called a scaffolding bar, it is a long metal bar through the top of your ear. He also has a labret piercing, this is the piercing of your chin, just under your bottom lip. & that's all he had!!

How much does it cost to get a lobe tunnel piercing in Ipswich?

Look up local shops near you, my Monroe piercing cost $45, but my sister's bottom lip costed $55, because they are popular! Sometimes there are sales and stuff one piercing shop was piercing people for free!

Is a 2mm cz earring too small for a cartilage piercing?

Bottom line piercing the cartilage is always problematic with piercing guns so I would tell you to see a real professional body piercer and get the piercing done with the basic jewellery to start then consider changing it once you have crossed the initial healing period.

What is an angel kiss piercing?

i just got one about a week ago and it is actually a piercing on the bottom lip,and it is where pierce the top and bottom of your bottom lip.Here is a picture of it

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Two piercing on one side of the bottom lip

What is the bottom stomach piercing called?

Belly button piercing. or some are hip piercings.

My tongue ring is crooked and at the bottom is some tissue around the hole is that normal?

Sometimes, this will settle down as the piercing heals and seasons "toughens up".

What is the piercing under the bottom lip to the left called?

Any kind of lip piercing is called a labret piercing. As far as I'm aware anywhere along the bottom lip has that name, regardless of position.

What is the bottom lip piercing called?


What looks better top or bottom for a belly button piercing?

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What is it called if you have one lip piercing on the left side?

For your upper lip, Left is a monroe piercing. The bottom lip could just be a lip piercing, or labret piercing.

Can you not have babies by piercing your belly button?

Piercing your belly bottom has nothing to do with having a child and it does not affect the process.

What is a snakebite piercing?

it is a piercing that can usually be found under the bottom lip. there are two studs there that resemble a snake bite

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How much does a bottom lip piercing cost?

Prices can range from $45.00 ~ $85.00 depending on the type of piercing and the type of jewellery used.

What does it mean to have a lip piercing on the bottom left?

That you wanted it there. That's all

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A tailbone is at the bottom of your spin and it can be broken and can be very painful.

Piercing the bottom part of belly button hurt more than the top?

yeah bottom hurt more....

What is a Jacob's Ladder in body piercing?

This is the more European term for a frenum ladder, and in this instance, this is relating to a genital piercing. This is a term set aside for people who have multiple 1/2" long barbells pierced horizontally down the bottom shaft of the penis in a successive row, and the number of the piercings is usually about 4 to 8 barbells in a row. The intent for this piercing is that the beads will rub on the bottom or top of the orifice in question, depending on the angle of the two parties involved, and will add a "studded" feeling to the intercourse. For as many men and women that I have talked to over the years, and from my own experience with them, this is a very subjective piercing from person to person if they will actually like the sensation, find it bothersome or even painful.

Why is body piercings a contra-indication to waxing?

Who told you that? Body piercing is not contraindicated to waxing. Bottom line if the piercing is new then you wouldn't want to be waxing that area once the piercing is done and healing, however once healed there is no issue with waxing around a piercing.

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male genital piercing which enter from bottom into the urethra and out the pee hole

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The Earth doesn't have a top or a bottom because it spins on its axis always changing the top or the bottom

Does the bottom lip piercing hurt?

Getting a body piercing is going to hurt regardless of where it is on your body. There are of course areas that are more sensitive then others. If you have a properly trained piercer providing the piercing it will diminish the amount of pain you feel.

What side on your bottom part of your lip do you pierced it on?

Placement is a discussion you should have with your piercer when you go into have the piercing done, he/she will help you find the best location for your piercing that will suit your look.

Bottom lip piercing getting ripped out?

This piercing is a little difficult to maintain but it has a slight chance of getting torn, if this happened bathe it or take it out to prevent scaring or infection.