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If the dip tube (cold) side is broken or disintegrated. The dip tube is a long tube that forces cold water to the bottom of the water heater so that it keeps the hot water at the top and the cold water from mixing with the hot water. The dip tubes for most maufacturers are made by one company and are made of plastic. There was a oxidizing problem with the tubes in the late 80's and thru the 90's. Oxygen deteriorated the tubes and they disintigrated. Therefore the hot water and the cold water mixed at the top and you get only luk warm water after a short period. Also check that you have 220 volts at the thermostats on the water heater and that the circuit or circuit breaker are not broken going to the water heater.

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Q: Why would a reliant hot water heater not be working properly if all the elements and thermostats have been replaced?
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