Why would a spouse say she wants to start over by herself?

So sorry to hear you are having this problem, but either you are not listening to what she is saying or neither of you communicate that well. I suggest you sit down with her and ask her why she is leaving. Some women need to "find themselves" and often they do this better on their own. In many cases a woman leaving a man is not always because of another man in their lives. Some women run much deeper than that. I can't believe that there are not some good reasons why she may feel this way and I think you have either been too busy to pick up on it or you are in denial. Please sit and talk with her. Perhaps a short separation would help things and give you both a chance to think things over. Sometimes a couple just needs head space. If you don't sit and talk to her you will eventually regret it. If she needs to go out on her own to find out what she wants out of life or you may not be giving what she has been requesting from you, then it will give you a chance when you are apart to really think things over. Please be very honest with yourself. All of us could stand to improve ourselves. If there is another man in her life this does not always mean she won't come back to you. Often women (or men) may think the grass is greener on the other side and more often than not it isn't. Good luck Merry Christmas Marcy