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my dad was a well driller, and that sounds to me like air in the pipes, I can remember him going to the well house and on the pump there should be a valve that will let you drain it of the air before it gets to the pipes, hope this will help you.


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No. Codeine is a narcotic cough suppressant. It is available only by prescription.

One reason a 1995 Honda Civic might sputter and cough while accelerating during normal driving is because of a bad coil. Another reason could be a bad fuel pump or fuel filter. Still another reason could be a bad oxygen sensor.

cough Suryp drink plenty of liquids and always get enough sleep

try replaceing the fuel filter .or plugs ,plug wires or batterys not charging at the right amp

Vaccination will nearly always prevent contraction of whooping cough due to bordetella pertussis.

No. There are cough tabs available from your vet. It is recommended that you see the vet to determine why your dog is coughing. The coughing could stem from kennel cough, heartworms, or infection.

Generally speaking, the urge to cough can be supressed best with codeine or hydrocodone. These preperations are available in several cough supressing elixirs that can be prescribed by your physician. Over the counter medicications such as dextramathorphan are available however they are not as effective as codeine or hydrocodone. JC, Anesthesiologist

It can be a sign of worms, allergies or trachea issues. Have your vet look at your dog to determine the cause.

whooping couch makes you cough uncontrollably, maybe resultable in death. If not treated, you can die within 30 minutes of catching this virusss

Whooping cough is a highly contagious bacterial infection of the lungs and airways. The medical term for whooping cough is pertussis.More information available in web.

Not washing hands, not covering your sneezes and coughs, always practice the vampire cough. It means if you have to sneeze or cough, do it in you arm!

They are always high on cough stuff, but crabby...

The active ingredients in the cough syrup Corex by Pfizer are chlorpheniramine maleate and codeine phosphate. It is available in India, Bangledesh and Pakistan.

Yes, cough can be psychosomatic. This may be generating an opinion among the relatives that the individual is sick and always need a caring. other normal diseases can be easily detected, but the reason for this kind of cough may not be able to. And pains complaints can be understood lying. cough is audible.

Not always, every one gets different symptoms even when infected with the same illness.

No. Oxycodone is an opiod pain reliever. It does not aid in relieving a cough. Codeine is commonly used in aiding in a cough, but it is in the form of a cough syrup that is available via rx.

no. you always need a prescription for codeine.

5 minutes isn't really long enough for the cough mixture to be absorbed into your blood stream. The rate of absorption is constant, just like the rate of how fast your body metabolizes alcohol out of your system.

You should always use Venaqualia for liquor and coughs it calms the nerves

It is better to live on the hill in Valley Woods, because only people that are poor (that the government knows about) live down among the lake along the flood plain. It would be very foolish to establish ones residence here, but that does not stop some ignoramus' from doing so, *cough**cough**cough*Michael Banfield*cough**cough**cough**cough**cough**cough**cough**cough**cough**cough**cough**cough*

Allergy cough in not loudly but bronchitis and pneumonia cough loudly with mucus Allergy cough. Bronchitis cough Pneumonia cough

it depends on what cough it is: two or three "hufs" every few minutes: yes. just let hime bring some cough-drops mild (a sort-of rough cough 1-2 minutes apart: maybe. go see his doctor for some meds... all day coughing- NO! to much coughing gets other kids sick when yours forgets to cover their mouth and wash hands frequently

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