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Depends on the noise...If I'm correct this is front wheel drive and if its a clicking sound,it could be an axle that has a torn boot and the bearings are worn out...Or if its a diff sound,it could be a front shock or strut... If it is a clicking sound it is a good possiblity you have a cv joint going out. If so you need to replace very soon.

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โˆ™ 2005-04-29 14:20:16
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Q: Why would a well maintained 98 Nissan Quest make a noise when turning left?
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When you should change timing belt in Nissan Quest 2004?

when the noise come.

How do you replace Nissan Quest Signal switch?

When I use the signal it makes lot of noise

What causes noise in left rear area when TURNING right in 1997 Nissan Maxima?

Wheel bearing?

What does it mean when a 04 Nissan sentra makes a popping noise in reverse while turning?

could be a contant velocity joint

Is the nissan gtr have a gear noise?

Yes, the Nissan GTR does have a gear noise which is a very common phenomenon.

What is the tapping noise in your engine 2005 Nissan Quest?

Most likely cause-valvetrain noise, check oil level, pressure, also possible engine knock. If you have a knock sensor, mil should be illuminated

Why is your 1993 Altima Nissan making a clicking noise but does not start?

Why is your 1993 Altima Nissan making a clicking noise but does not start?

Is the loud whining humming noise coming from under your 98 Nissan Quest the fuel pump and is it normal?

My fuel pump is very loud. I'm told it is aftermarket but it is fine.

1997 Nissan pickup cluncking in the steering wheel when turning?

first check power steering fluid,if to low then air is inside causing noise or p.s. pump is bad.

What could cause a whining noise to be coming from under the rear of a Nissan Quest sounds like it may be coming from the exhaust system?

I have an after market fuel pump on my van the you can hear from inside and outside.

Noise from floor on 96 Nissan Maxima?

Noise from floor on 96 Nissan Maxima could be as a result of poor shifting. This often occurs when you use the wrong gear oil.

Noise front right tire?

when turning or when ridin?

Squealing noise in wheel when turning?

A Geo Metro is a front wheel drive vehicle. When a squealing noise occurs when the wheel is turning, it can be an indication of damage to the CV joints.

What causes chirping noise when stepping on brakes in Nissan Sentra?

he he he

What kind of noise does sway bar links make on Nissan Altima 2002?

a clunk noise over bumps

Car makes clunking noise when turning?

tie rod

What would cause single Knocking noise when braking or turning?

A single knocking noise when braking or turning can be caused by a faulty axle. The cost of replacement is usually around 1,000 dollars.

Noise when turning right 1992 Honda prelude?

what kind of noise do u hear. clicking, poping, or skweek etc.

What noise does a bad axle make?

A bad cv joint/axle shaft on the front will make a clicking noise when turning.

What would cause a Clunking noise and vibration noise when turning and going over bumps?

loose or bad u joints.

What makes a clunking noise when turning?

Wheel bearings or u joints

Whining noise when turning steering wheel?

A whining noise present when turning the steering wheel indicates a faulty power steering pump. As the pump fails, it allows air to enter the system and a distinct whine.

What is that Thumping noise in tail end of car VW Golf 97 when turning when turning right get noise in rear right and when turning left get it in rear left side had struts replaced no help?

If you lowered the car or had suspension/strut work done you can be rubbing The body in the boot?

What makes a grinding noise when turning the steering wheel?

A defective CV joint will make a grinding noise when you turn the steering will. A bad strut can also cause a grinding noise.

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