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Why would a well maintained 98 Nissan Quest make a noise when turning left?


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2005-04-29 14:20:16
2005-04-29 14:20:16

Depends on the noise...If I'm correct this is front wheel drive and if its a clicking sound,it could be an axle that has a torn boot and the bearings are worn out...Or if its a diff sound,it could be a front shock or strut... If it is a clicking sound it is a good possiblity you have a cv joint going out. If so you need to replace very soon.


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When I use the signal it makes lot of noise

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Yes, the Nissan GTR does have a gear noise which is a very common phenomenon.

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Most likely cause-valvetrain noise, check oil level, pressure, also possible engine knock. If you have a knock sensor, mil should be illuminated

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