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Why would an 88 Jeep Wrangler not go faster than 55 mph?


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2005-03-21 01:43:31
2005-03-21 01:43:31

That's a tough question. I need a little more info. Does it seem to lack power close to 55? does it have power before 55? Believe it or not. But check out your Cataletic converter. It maybe clogged up. Catalytic Converters have like a honeycombed internal webbing inside. When it heats up it sweels. If it is clogged it will sweel up and it will cause back pressure to be forced back into the motor causing loss of power and not going over 55. I would check that first. I good test ,is to start the Jeep and put a peice of paper over the hole of the exhaust pipe. If it sucks in the paper, It is clogged. Hope that helps out some. If you mean that the engine seems to really be racing at 55 mph, that is normal. The tranny only has three gears, and the first two are very short. Third gear can only go so far. Combine that with an engine designed for low-speed operation, and you've got yourself the legendary Jeep of old. At least, that is true with my 87 Jeep Wrangler. 60mph really seems to be pushing the limits of comfort for that engine-tranny combo. Great for low-end torque, bad for high-end speed.


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