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it's just a bad ajusting of a carburetor, you can ajust it on the top of the carburetor by turning a bolt for put the idle more high

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Where is the choke thermostat on a 1999 Dodge truck?

The choke thermostat is part of carbureted fuel system. Since 1987, all Dodge trucks have been fuel injected. Therefore, a 1999 model would not have a choke thermostat

What would cause a 2002 Dodge Grande Caravan to shake in reverse?

check the motor mounts

Why would a Dodge van shake when applying brakes?

Normally this is caused by warped brake rotors.

Why would an engine shake in a 2002 dodge stratus when the car is turned on?

the engine mounts could be bad

Why would a 95 dodge neon shake when put in reverse?

Low trans fluid or bad transm.

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would a person choke in the atmosphere of Saturn?

How much wood would a wood choke choke?


What would make a 2003 dodge stratus wheels shake going down the road at about 70mphs?

it could be that you need an alignment on the wheels.

Can you shoot a slug with your mossberge 16 gauge model 190 with a ajustable choke?

that would be a silly thing to do, like taking a hammer to a flea

Why would the front end of your 96 dodge ram shake violently and stop when you tug the steering wheel?

Track bar joints worn out.

Why would a 2000 dodge caravan shake when hitting a certain speed?

Sounds like either you have a bent rim(s) or your tie rods are going.

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Why would a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan shake and rattle at mph?

Wheel balance, Worn steering parts, Worn suspension parts, Tire damage,

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Why would my Dodge truck all of a sudden shake so violently when I was going down the road at about 55mph that i thought i was going to loose control of it?

U-Joints are busted.

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Where is the electric choke located in a 97 350ci 5.7?

A 97 model would be fuel injected, which has no choke.

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