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You took the control away from him! Abusers are all about control and in their wee brains they could never imagine a woman (good for you by the way) walking out on them. You've rattled his little world and now he's out of control in his own little bubble. Everything that use to work for him (by abusing others) isn't working so well for him now. He doesn't like the feeling and he's taking it out on you. Report this crime to the police. There must be finger prints on the car. Don't bother getting a Restraining Order because it's not worth the paper it's written on and it will cost you. I would like to suggest to you to go to an Abused Women's Center and get some help from them. They deal well with abusers and know what tricks they are up too and how you can perhaps catch him in the act. You need tools to deal with this jerk and he's dangerous! Never underestimate an abuser. Some will move on, many will come after you. If he'll do damage to your car what's next? Please take this very seriously and do these things: Lock your door well and NEVER open it for anyone unless you know exactly who it is. Before you go to work, put a piece of light string or thread on the side of the door. If that string or thread is on the floor on the outside of your door BACK OUT! Call the police! Someone has entered your home. If he ever calls, or threatens you use the speaker part of your phone (if you have one and if not get one) and tape ALL conversations from him. This is proof and can be used in a court of law. The judge will usually listen to the tapes in his chambers, but the jury (if there is one) will not hear the tapes. NEVER walk alone anywhere at night. Keep your car parked in as well lit an area as you can (carry pepper spray with you and have the trigger "on" when you leave your home.) I carry pepper spray with me if I have to go out in the evenings. If you are in a mall at night and alone, or a grocery store, don't be embarrassed to ask for security to walk you to the car (we do that in British Columbia off and on.) Sometimes security is offered to you. Before entering your car look in the back seat to be sure he hasn't climbed in there. If you see any suspicious vehicle near your car, just keep walking or go back into your home. This may seem like over-kill, but I volunteer for a Women's Center and men that damage your property can also damage you and it can end sadly. If you need any help locating help at your end please just post again and tell me what State and town you live in and I'll be more than happy to help out. Good luck (keep your eyes open and be aware of your surroundings.) Marcy

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Q: Why would an abusive ex do damage to your vehicle when you have done nothing but go on with your life and ended all contact?
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