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Why would an automatic 1995 Ford Escort start shaking then stalling after coming to a stop?


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2004-08-14 10:04:12
2004-08-14 10:04:12

Hey Shannon==The torque convertor solonoid is probably bad. Take it to the trans shop and have it checked out. GoodluckJoe+


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It is scared of something, is there an Escalade around? Seriously, shaking while driving could be wheel balancing or front end alignment. Shaking while at idle or what seems to be coming from the engine might be a motor mount.

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Most likely that it comes with an automatic transmission opposed to coming with a manual transmission and then having to pay extra for the automatic.

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Yes it will. They are both 3rd generation Escorts. To find out if an engine will fit your Escort compare the 5th digit of the VIN between your car and the car the engine is coming out of. If it is the same the engines are the same.

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The group is called The Automatic

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Since this morn my car has started shaking and not functioning properly. I can also smell a burning smell coming through the fans and the boot? Could this be the Exhaust?

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