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Hey Shannon==The torque convertor solonoid is probably bad. Take it to the trans shop and have it checked out. GoodluckJoe+

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Q: Why would an automatic 1995 Ford Escort start shaking then stalling after coming to a stop?
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Why is your 1998 Honda Passport shaking?

It is scared of something, is there an Escalade around? Seriously, shaking while driving could be wheel balancing or front end alignment. Shaking while at idle or what seems to be coming from the engine might be a motor mount.

What does automatic equipped model mean?

Most likely that it comes with an automatic transmission opposed to coming with a manual transmission and then having to pay extra for the automatic.

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Will a 1998 escort engin fit in a 1997 escort?

Yes it will. They are both 3rd generation Escorts. To find out if an engine will fit your Escort compare the 5th digit of the VIN between your car and the car the engine is coming out of. If it is the same the engines are the same.

Who sings What's that Coming Over the Hill?

The group is called The Automatic

Since morn your car has started shaking and not functioning properlyi can also smell a burning smell coming through fans and also the boot?

Since this morn my car has started shaking and not functioning properly. I can also smell a burning smell coming through the fans and the boot? Could this be the Exhaust?

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Reasons why a 1993 ford escort GT has no spark coming from the spark plugs?

you probably need new coil packs.

Where is the ac recharge valve on 1996 Ford Escort?

Both of these ports are located in the lines coming from the compressor. According to Alldata.

Where do you recharge the ac on the 2002 ford escort ZX2?

To recharge the AC on the 2002 Ford Escort ZX2 you need to use the low pressure fill port. It is located on the larger of the two hoses coming off the compressor.

You have 2001 Toyota corolla headlights do not coming on manualy or automatic what shold i check?

your user guide

Would could cause your ford escort to pulse in speed when taking off?

I had this problem on my 97 Escort ZX2. What I found on mine was that the big hoses that connect the air filter tube to the engine were not fully connected and the hose clamp that holds them together was loose. This was causing too much air to be let in, causing that bogging effect when taking off. It would also stall at stop lights and when coming to a complete stop. When I reconnected them and tightened the hose clamp the stalling and the bogging was fixed! Hope this helps, check for those air leaks.

What is the hose coming out of the PCV valve on your 1997 Ford Escort?

There are 2 hoses coming out of the PCV valve. One goes to the top of the engine and the other goes to the air intake at the air filter.

Why does my 1994 cavalier stalls when coming to a stop sometimes?

i had that problem with mine. the problem was an intake vaccuum leak. the engine wasnt getting enough air sucked in at idle and stalling out.

99 ford escort zx2 belt keeps coming off?

you might want to try and change belt pully tensioner

Why does your 1991 Ford Escort headlights keep coming on?

If your car doesn't have DRL's the switch is faulty or the wiring has a short in it to a power source..

Can you change from an Automatic Choke to a Manual Choke?

Engines with automatic chokes also usually have an automatic throttle which is supposed to run the engine at the best speed. Changing the choke would probably also require coming up with some way to change the throttle.

What is the difference between shaking and clanking?

I think the difference between shaking a chain and clanking it means that when you like shake a chain nosies come and so I also think that clanke the chain also I think that it means the same thing making the nosie coming out of the chain

Where to locate the tcc on a Chevrolet Corsica?

As you look in the engine compartment, it is near the top of the tranny just to the right of the motor. I assume your car is stalling when coming to a stop. Disconnect the plug and your problem will be solved.

What's that coming over the hill is it a monster - are lyrics to which song and by which group?

Song: Monster Group: The Automatic

When you drive along your automatic feels like it is coming out of drive?

Check the fluid level. If it is low, it may be slipping.

Where is the PCV valve located on a 2002 Ford Escort ZX2?

on the valve cover it will have a small vacum line coming out of it. it looks like a little elbow

Where do you fill the automatic transmission fluid on 2002 Ford F150?

look for a filler tube coming from the transmission on the passenger side

Were is the mass air flow sensor on a 2000 ford escort?

This is inside of the air cleaner "box". It is in the part of the box that has the wire coming out of it, not the side that has the filter inside of it.