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Make sure you have only about 8 volts going to it not a full 12. There is a resistor wire that should cut the voltage.

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Q: Why would an ignition coil keep burning out on a 1971 Barracuda with electronic ignition?
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What year did the wrangler go to an electronic ignition?

The Wrangler (TJ) has always had electronic ignition. The CJ would have swithced to electronic in the mid 1970's.The Wrangler (TJ) has always had electronic ignition. The CJ would have swithced to electronic in the mid 1970's.

Does 1983 Chevy s10 have electronic points or manual?

It would have electronic ignition, no points.

Which film contains the barracuda gang?

That would be the movie "The Barracuda Gang" ^^

Would like info on ignition troubleshooting for 92 Chevy Suburban?

test ignition coil,ignition module,pick-up coil,electronic spark control,and knock sensor

What would the timing be on a Bosch dizzy 0231146101 that has been converted to Petronix electronic ignition?

The same as stock.

Is there a generator that would start your furnace electronic ignition?

A generator of a 1500 watt capacity and up will operate your furnace.

What are the advantages of an electronic ignition circuit?

Electronic ignition typically doesn't use a rotating cam and ignition points. So there is less mechanical wear involved. The voltage produced at the spark plugs tends to be higher and a little "cleaner," electrically speaking. An ignition advance mechanism would not be heeded if the design of the ignition module or "computer" were sophisticated enough.However, there is one major disadvantage. If there is an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) blast that takes out all sorts of electronic devices, such an ignition system would be destroyed. So after a major nuclear war, cars that use this likely won't run. However, if it has a standard points ignition, it can.

What would cause an electronic ignition ignitor to blow out?

A fire in the jet pipe would. the blow out circuit is used to blow out a jet pipe fire during ignition. this circuit stops the starter motor thus cancelling the ignition and fuel flow.

What would cause a ignition fuse to keep burning out when the key is turned in the on position on a 1995 ford crown Victoria?

There is a short somewhere in the ignition system causing the fuse to burn out. Start by replacing the ignition switch to see if that helps.

Is there a points distributor that would replace the electronic ignition in a 90 colt 1.4?

No there is no points distributor for that year. Courtesy of the Garage Guru Consultant.

How do you delete the electronic control module on a jeep wrangler ' 88?

You would have to change the fuel and ignition systems over to a non computer system.

87 gmc will not start no spark to plug?

I would think the coil may be suspect a well as the connections to it standard ignition or electronic?

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