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if they had low self asteem, and their partner abused them, they think that they will never find love again, so they stay in the loveless relationship because they are afraid of being alone.

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Q: Why would an individual in an abuse relationship try to hide the abuse?
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Why do some women hide the fact that they are being abused?

It's never just one answer for an individual and there are different reasons for different people. Generally though, I think that fear of something is the only reason to stay in an abusive relationship or even just to keep it secret. Hiding the abuse helps to hide the fact that action needs to be taken to protect oneself against the abuser. If no one knows about it, you don't need to fix it. Maybe it's an attemtp to hide the relationship's problems from one's self. Maybe it's a fear of the unknown, a fear of ending the relationship, fear of starting over, fear of further abuse if the plan to leave the relationship fall apart, fear of opening oneself to a new relationship, fear of real intimacy...The woman may be threatened that something bad will happen to her or the kids if she tells anyone. I guess the list goes on an on. There may be a few reasons not having to do with fear at all too though, like needing to stay in order to have time to show the abuser that they are doing something wrong, or to prove that the woman/victim is strong enough to withstand the abuse. Maybe the woman also wants the outside world to view her life in a certain way, so she can't admit to anything less than perfect. There are so many reasons and they are as individual as the person and the circumstances (past and present).

When a guy wants to hide a relationship from other people does he love you?

absolutely not. if he loves you he would be proud regardless of the situation or outcome.

How do you get out of a verbally abusive relationship when the abuser is a cop?

Well if you're afraid no one will believe you get a little camera hide it somewhere and if he starts beating you up you will have proof. Then take it to the cops and he will go to jail and you move somewhere far away and start a new life. Verbal abuse can be as harmful as physical abuse and should not be tolerated by anyone, especially someone who represents law enforcement. But you know that already. The question is, would you stay with him if he weren't abusive? If you love him and want the relationship to get better, perhaps you could think about couples counseling.

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What is something an individual would be angry at if they found a partner had snooped into it?

Individually speaking nothing; if a person has nothing to hide then they should not have secrets from either partner.

Why would an individual in an abusive relationship try to hide the abuse?

embarassment EVERYONE should go on the web and learn about the "Cycle of Abuse" because sooner or later you are going to know someone that is either mentally or physically abused. The main reason both men and women of abuse say little is fear; they have been brain-washed into thinking it's all their fault and they deserve it and if a man he is terrified if he utters being physically or verbally abused his friends will wonder what kind of man is he. Remember, men are brought up to not hit a woman. The victim may not be ready to take that big giant leap to see a counselor or go to an Abused Women's Center (there are programs for men too.) Victims of abuse have low self esteem and are basically feeling trapped. They know if they confide in a friend what that friend will say "Get out of the relationship." It isn't that easy and some abusers can be vendictive, so when one of us should offer the advice it's important that they have a trusted friend or family member behind them before they make plans to leave the abuser.

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What does it mean when your boyfriend tries to hide the relationship?

that he has something to hide. or he doesnt want people to know he is dating you. or he already has a girlfriend. or it could have something to do with his family or his friends

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What are signs that you or someone else is in an abusive relationship?

They may not answer their phone, they may hide when they see you in the streets, the may make excuses for their partners lack of attendance at functions, they may be in a hurry to get back home, they may have a range of other signs and one needs to offer support to anyone who they think is experiencing abuse.

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What does it mean when you end a relationship with a guy in writing and he only says thanks?

It would appear as though he never really cared for the relationship and by association, you. Contrary to how some people believe, the ending of a relationship is painful for both parties and is equally painful for the male companion as it is for the female companion. It would probably mean that he is not happy that you broke up with him and he is trying to hide the pain by not responding or thinking about it.

Is zac and vanessa trying to keep their relationship a secret?

well, they were trying to hide it. But eventually declared it.

In your opinion is is wrong for a 13year old girl to date a 17year old boy?

Wrong, stupid and likely illegal. The years from 13 to 17 are years that bring giant change in every part of your body and mind and the relationship would be poor at best.The 17 year old will be forced to hide the relationship or suffer huge amounts of abuse from people his age and at school. He will not be able to bring the girl to any school function, share homework, or do almost any other 'public' activity; and a relationship that doesn't allow 'public' activity can have few legitimate purposes.

Why is your husband abusive?

Abusers are not easy to spot. There is no 'typical' abuser. In public, they may appear friendly and loving to their partner and family. They often only abuse behind closed doors. They also try to hide the abuse by causing injuries that can be hidden and do not need a doctor.Abuse is not an accident. It does not happen because someone was stressed-out, drinking, or using drugs. Abuse is an intentional act that one person uses in a relationship to control the other. Abusers have learned to abuse so that they can get what they want. The abuse may be physical, sexual, emotional, and psychological.Abusers often have low self-esteem. They do not take responsibility for their actions. They may even blame the victim for causing the violence. In most cases, men abuse female victims. It is important to remember that women can also be abusers and men can be victims.If you are being abused leave the relationship, or get them help, get friends and family to help with this. It is better not to confront an abuser alone.