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Should be under warranty- go to the dealer and get it checked.

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Q: Why would cruise control light ABS light and air bag light blink on and off randomly on a 2002 Toyota Solara but only when it rains?
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Toyota Camry the cruise control button does not activate?

You need to check cruise control fuse and relay.

Why won't my cruise control work in my Toyota pick up even though the cruise control lights work?

the crusie control band is probly broken

How can you tell if your 2011 Toyota Avalon has laser guided cruise control?

The 2011 Toyota Avalon in Limited trim is available with Dynamic Laser Cruise Control (DLCC). If you do not have the Limited model than you do not have this feature.

How do you operate cruise control on a 1997 Toyota Camry?

When you get to speed you want to keep, press the button to activate cruise control. You will on the dash light showing that cruise control was activated. After that pull the cruise control joystick down to set the speed. If you pull toward you it resets the current speed.

Does a 1989 Toyota Celica GT-S Have Cruise Control?

Yes it does. I own one. The cruise control switch is next to the rear window and convertible top levers.

94 Toyota Tercel 4 cylinder manual transmission Is the cruise control fused and if so where is it located and how is it marked Are there other things to check for on a non-functioning cruise control?

well i have just recently purchaced one. It donesnt have cruise control

How do you locate cruise control fuse for Toyota Camry?

in Toyota Camry 2007 instrument panel fuse 13 7.5A as wrote in the owner manual

A 1998 ford escort se wagon dying while driving down the road while cruise control is on it does it randomly?

there is a problem with your cruise contol,have it checked. also have cam positioning sensor checked

What is cruise control an example of?

Cruise control is an accessory.

Why won't the cruise control and overdrive work in your 1993 Toyota Camry LE is it a fuse?

Coolant Temp Sensor

Where is the starter relay on a 1991 Toyota Previa?

Under the dash behind the cruise control actuator, or so I have read.

Is it possible to convert a car without cruise control to have cruise control?

It is possible to convert a car without cruise control to have cruise control. Many auto parts stores sell kits which will install cruise control in a vehicle.

How do you replace starter on 1996 Toyota Camry?

Remove the battery and the cruise control actuator. The starter has two bolts holding it in. Remove the bolts and wiring, then install the new starter. Re-install the cruise control and battery.

How do you fix cruise the cruise control c220 Mercedes Benz?

There are several ways to fix the cruise control on your Mercedes-Benz depending on the problem with the cruise control. Make sure the fuse for the cruise control is not blown.

What fuses control cruise control?

2004 sebring convertable cruise control not working - what to do?

Where is the cruise control fuse located 92 gmc VANDURA?

There is no isolated fuse for the cruise control. It all runs off the 20A gauges fuse. If you are having trouble with the cruise control I would check the Cruise Control Module or the Cruise control Servo. What symptom is occurring?

On a 95 Toyota 4Runner where is the cruise control control box?

It's on the passanger side in the engine compartment above the wheel. Follow the front throttle cable right to it.

1987 300zx cruise control does not work?

If the cruise control on your 1987 300ZX does not work, you might have an issue with the cruise control fuse or wiring. You could also have a problem with the switch that turns the cruise control on and off.

Is cruise control standard equipment on a 1994 Toyota Carolla DX automatic?

I own a 94 DX No is the answer I own a 94 DX No is the answer

How do you use the cruise control on the PT Cruiser?

To use the cruise control on the PT Cruiser, turn the cruise control on in the steering wheel. Accelerate to the desired speed and push in the end of the left turn signal knob. The cruise control should then control the speed. To take the car out of cruise control, a person can tap the brake.

Did Tom Cruise invent cruise control?


Where is the Cruise control fuse vectra c 2003?

The cruise control fuse can be found in the fuse box. The cruise control fuse will be at the bottom of the first column.

Where to purchase a 2013 Toyota Corolla with automatic transmission and speed control for 16750.00?

Any Toyota Dealer. But I researched that price, and is the MSRP for the lowest Trim no power windows, etc. yes it has cruise control but is the least equipped Corolla available for 2013

Do you have to press on the accelerator with cruise control?

No. The cruise control will maintain the vehicle speed you have selected.

Is there a fuse that controls the cruise control on a 2000 Lincoln LS?

The 2000 Lincoln does have a fuse that controls the cruise control. The cruise control fuse can be found in the fuse box.