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Why would cruise control light ABS light and air bag light blink on and off randomly on a 2002 Toyota Solara but only when it rains?


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2004-11-23 20:55:00
2004-11-23 20:55:00

Should be under warranty- go to the dealer and get it checked.


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You need to check cruise control fuse and relay.

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The 2011 Toyota Avalon in Limited trim is available with Dynamic Laser Cruise Control (DLCC). If you do not have the Limited model than you do not have this feature.

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When you get to speed you want to keep, press the button to activate cruise control. You will on the dash light showing that cruise control was activated. After that pull the cruise control joystick down to set the speed. If you pull toward you it resets the current speed.

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Yes it does. I own one. The cruise control switch is next to the rear window and convertible top levers.

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