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blown head gasket,cylinder head not torqued to specs. cracked/warped cylinder head.those are some causes.

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Q: Why would oil be spitting out of the head gasket?
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What do you change when you have a blown head gasket?

You would change the head gasket. You would also have the head checked for cracks and warpage. You would also change the engine oil and filter.

What does it mean when a car has started to putter when starting and turning off and oil is spitting out of the exhaust pipe?

A few things to consider would be rings are bad, blown head gasket, valves are bent...

Why would the antifreeze be in the oil?

Head gasket Cracked head

Why would there be Water and oil mixed in radiator 1999 suburban 1500?

Blown head gasket.Blown head gasket.

Where would coolant leak into oil in 1998 Saturn SL2?

most likely a blown head gasket, cracked head, or bad intake gasket. with the s series. i would venture to say blown head gasket.

What will cause coolant to get in oil head gasket or intake gasket?

The Intake gasket is leaking, NOT THE HEAD GASKET. Replace the intake gasket

What would cause oil to be in the water but no water in the oil on a 1987 Toyota 22RE?

head gasket gone, depending on where the gasket fails determins the visual affects of gasket failure

What would cause water in the oil?

bad head gasket , warped or cracked cylinder head

Do you need to replace oil and filter a month later after replacing the head gasket on a diesel van even though it was done when the gasket was replaced?

It would be recommended if coolant had mixed with the engine oil before the head gasket was replaced.

Ford fiesta 1.25 zetec-oil in water bottle but no water in oil-is this head gasket?

Yeah it will be the head gasket.

If you have oil on the water container is that a head gasket blown?

yes it does when u blow the head gasket the oil mixes with the water

Would a blown timing cover gasket cause the oil to turn green and milky?

you have a blown head gasket water is getting in to the engine oil

You have an 1993 jeep Cherokee with 140000 miles and have noticed some foam on the oil dipstick Would that be caused by a bad head gasket or cracked head?

Blown head gasket

What would make antifreeze go into the oil pan?

bad head gasket , warped head , etc.

Why would oil leak into antifreeze?

most likely a blown head gasket.

Antifreeze in your oil?

Antifreeze in your oil is symptomatic of a blown head gasket. If your head gasket is blown you may have warped your head ( and possibly cracked it ). The fix for this is to remove the head and take it to a machine shop and to replace it along with a new head gasket.

Why oil pass into the cooling system?

My first gues would be a blown head gasket, the same thing happend to my s-10 when the head gasket gave out.

What causes white foam in oil in my car?

You have coolant getting mixed in with the oil. The head gasket and intake manifold gasket would be your most likely culprits.

If your head gasket has gone on your A140 would the dipstick show clear oil on it or would it be a different colour?

When oil and water are combined in the engine it will form a white frothy mixture which will be evident on the dipstick. Definate indicator of a blown head-gasket

What causes excessive air and spitting oil out of the filler cap and makes a scraping noise coming from the top of the engine in a Nissan Altma.?

The symptoms you are describing could be caused by a leaky cylinder head gasket.

What does it mean when your car oil is milky and the head gaskets are not bad?

How do you know the gasket is not bad? f you oil is milky then there is moisture mixed with the oil. This can be a blown head gasket or a warped or cracked head.

Oil in cylinder?

gasket, head

Is it the valve cover gasket or the head gasket that keep antifreeze out of the oil?

The head gasket seals the head to the engine block. Coolant and oil flow through the head. The gasket prevents then from mixing together. The valve cover gasket only prevents oil from splashing onto the engine and exposing the valve train and moving parts to the outside of the engine. No coolant makes contact with the valve cover gasket.

Does oil residue around the head gasket definitively indicate a replacement of the head gasket is needed?

Not necessarily. Check the rocker gasket.

When there is gas in the oil on a 2001 neon can it be a head or intake gasket?

I don't know which one was at fault but I replaced the head, the head gasket, and the intake manifold gasket.