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you have lost a main power or fusable link at the starter or near the battery Ford does not send power from the starter. First determine if the car has an accessory fuse (sometimes called power distributon box) under the hood. To find it follow the big red wires from the + battery terminal. Power can also be sent from the battery side of the solenoid. The fire plug looking thing about 2 inches tall with 3 or 4 posts (2 small and 2 large) wires on it. If you haev ANY power in the car, consider a blown ignition switch or bad switch rod in the steering column. As with any problem, start at the begining, and trace the rroute of the wires to find the fault. START at the battery and work to the box. RELENTLESS

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Q: Why would part of the fuse box in a 1996 Ford Taurus have no power. What if the Ignition blower 40 amp maxi fuse has power but not the 40a maxi fuse two spots away with fan switch on.?
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Blower motor runs with ignition off?

probablly a bad ignition switch or blower motor not sure on that should run without power

99 Taurus ac heater blower motor just stopped Fuses are good. Is it likely the Switch or blower motor?

Check to see if you are getting power and ground to the blower motor - if so blower motor is bad. If no power possibly fan switch or selector switch Also check the blower motor resistor, found in heater plenum.

Why would ac blower motor and power windows only work when ignition switch is partially engaged on 2001 dodge ram 2500?

The ignition switch is bad. Replace it.

What would cause the heater blower motor on a '94 Explorer not to operate if you shut the vehicle off for a few minutes and restart it?

it sounds like your ignition switch, i ran into a similar problem, your power goes through your ignition switch for your blower motor.

Lost power to dash gauges and heater blower on 1996 ford countor?

Check fuses Could be a defective ignition switch

I think I found the blower relay on my 97 escort behind the drivers side kickpanel I have power at the relay or fuse but I have no power at the blower switch what could be defective?

If there is current going through the wire to the blower switch, try bypassing the switch with a jumper wire. If the blower motor works, then replace the switch. If the blower motor does not come on, then you probably need to replace the blower motor.

What controls blower on 2000 mercury villager Estate?

The blower is controlled by the blower switch, blower resistor, and relevant power relay.

94 Dodge Ram The blower and the power windows for go out for a couple of minutes when you ran the heat or air too high Now they have both gone out completely Any ideas?

Check for melted wires at the ignition switch. The blower motors go bad, draw too many amps, and melt the ignition switch and wiring.

How do you diagnose blower motor not working on 2006 dodge caravan?

Assuming you have no speeds including HI I would check for power at the connection at the blower motor with ignition and switches on. If you have power the motor is shot. If you have no power go back and check the fuses. If the fuses are good check the switch and electrial plug at the switch for damage. If the blower motor speed resistor was burned out you would still have HI speed.

Heater blower trouble no power to switch?

Check the fuse

How do you change the ignition switch in a 1997 Honda CR-V?

In order to replace the ignition switch in a 1997 Honda CR-V, you must first unplug the ignition switch power source. Unscrew the cover panel, remove the bolts holding the switch, and pull the switch out of the column. Replace the old ignition switch with the new ignition switch, return the bolts and screws, and reconnect the power source.

What would cause the power to the heater blower windows and windshield wipers on a 1998 Kia Sportage to work only when the switch is turned backwards a little bit?

First guess would be a bad ignition switch.

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