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Why would pet mice be losing fur and what can you do to help them?

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miceMy pet mouse is scratching and itching herself. She does it so often that in little spots it starts to bleed. Do you now what to do?

That has happened to 3 of my pet mice, and they died from it. NOw another 1 of my mice seems to be getting it. I would suggest calling a vert-dont take your mouse to them. If your mouse is with other mice, they might be barbering her-where a bigger mouse will chew off her fur-you should observe them, and if necessary separate them. Make sure your mouse is getting the vitamins it needs, like oils from sunflower seeds. A great brand of food, which I fed my mice, it has all of the vitamins and nutrients necessary-is either the Animal Planet brand of food, or "Sunscription Vita Plus Mice, Rat, and Gerbil Food"

2011-10-20 16:59:35
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Can you put some cream on mice losing fur?

If they are losing fur it is most likely do to mites.

Mouse losing fur?

Hello. Mice can loose there fur from mites, so maybe visit your local vet.

Do mice have fur or hair?

Mice have fur. no they have hair

Do all mice have fur?

Most mice have fur, but some don't. It really depends on what kind of mouse it is. Mice are born with no fur, but as they get older they start to get fur.

Your dog is losing fur and its not due to fleas?

i would take him/her to the vet

Are all mice born with fur?

no they do not have fur when born

Do mice have fur-balls?

yes they would because they lick them self

Do mice shed their fur?


Why does Lennie have mice in Of Mice and Men?

He likes the softness of their fur, just how he likes the fur on the puppy or how he imagines the rabbits

Why do mice lose fur?

Mice can over-groom when stressed, leading to skin irritations and fur loss. Wikipedia.

How do wild mice survive cold weather?

a mice survives cold weather by its fur it has very soft fur

Are there arctic tundra mice?

No but, there are lemmings they are like mice but with shorter tails and they can have brown and black fur or white fur.

Your guinea pig is losing fur can you tell me why?

it can be losing fur due to stress or lack of vitamin C. I have a guinea pig that was given to me that hair loss and i read about it so i got some vitamin C stuff for her. If your guinea pig is still losing its fur after that then i would call a vet.

Why don't mice have fur on their tails?

they do have fur on their tails, only not much

When does a mouse get fur?

Mice get their fur when they are just a couple of weeks old.

Are mice covered with fur?


If something wrong with your baby mice who are about a week old if they have almost no fur on their bodies?

No, they get their fur in time. About 3 weeks with the mice I had once.

Does a mouse have fur?

Yes, most mice have fur. Mice start to grow fur at a few weeks old. There are such things as hairless mice though. I had a hairless rat and she was the sweetest. So don't let hairless fool you they are cute and sweet.

What kind of body covering do mice have?


What are mouses covered with?

fur, LOL and its mice....

Can Mice pass lice to other Mice?

yes mice can carry lice and when this mice passes another the contact of the fur will pass the bug.

Why is my boxer dog losing her fur and getting leather look patches on her skin?

What age will the babies have fur?

Usually the sixth day, the mice start growing fur.

What can people do to help lions?

by not kiling them for their fur loss of habitat [ losing their land] stop capturing them for zoos give them peace

What does shedding mean?

Losing fur or skin.