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If you can eliminate both your shoes and socks as not causing the soreness-see your doctor asap as it may be a circulation problem - better safe than sorry

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Q: Why would some of your toes go numb when exercising on a machine such as the elliptical or stairmaster?
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Is the stairmaster the best cardio machine at the gym?

I don't think it's the best because it is really bad on your knees. My preference would to use an elliptical machine. You burn twice as much on that.

How many elliptical revolutions are in a mile?

The amount of elliptical revolutions per mile can vary with the machine. For example if an elliptical machine has an 18 inch stride then the revolutions per mile would be 1760.

What is a good price to pay for an elliptical machine?

According to Lance Armstrong, you get what you pay for when purchasing elliptical machines. I think a visit to his website would provide the information you need about purchasing elliptical machines:

Would the Proform elliptical be useful in long distance running training?

I believe the Elliptical machine would be good when training for long distance running. The Elliptical machine offers the same benefits as running. Also, it is less stressful on your knees, hips and back. The Elliptical machine can also build up your stamina and you can run at a steady pace.

Where is the best deal and specifications on elliptical machines?

The best deal for an elliptical machine would be the deal that would include an exercise bundle. These bundles could include more than the elliptical for a lower price.

Where can I get a good elliptical machine?

A good place would be on They offer free shipping for items higher then 25$, and an elliptical machine is often more than that. Good luck!

Buying Your Own Elliptical Machine?

You've seen this scene before. There you are, at the gym that you pay twenty dollars a month to go to, and you can't even get on any of the equipment. The place is packed, overcrowded even, and all you can do is stand around, waiting for it to be your turn on the elliptical machine. If this situation sounds all too familiar, you may want to consider purchasing your own elliptical machine. If you purchase your own elliptical machine, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you can use your elliptical machine whenever you want, for as long as you want, without there ever being a line. You also will be able to use this machine in the comfort of you own home. There will be no more wasting gas money to drive all the way to the gym. Additionally, you should be happy to know that you can now buy your own elliptical machine for a lower price than ever before. You may be able to purchase an elliptical machine for less than what you pay every year for your gym membership. Plus, no more waiting in line, driving across town, or getting all hot and sweaty in front of strangers. Now isn't that a good deal! If you have an elliptical machine in your home, you will also be more likely to use it, due to the ease of opportunity of using it. This means you will have great legs! Just imagine how amazing your legs will look when you have the opportunity to use the elliptical machine whenever you want. You will have some of the tightest legs in town. Did you know that exercising on a regular basis may help to decrease the effects of aging on your body? Just another reason why it's great to exercise on a regular basis. If you were to purchase your own elliptical machine, exercising on a regular basis would be a breeze.

How much does a sole elliptical motor cost?

To replace the motor for your sole elliptical, will probably cost several hundred dollars. I think you would be better off buying a new sole elliptical machine.

What exactly is elliptical exercise?

Elliptical exercise involves working out on an elliptical trainer, which is a machine that lessens your impact with the ground. You can make strides and do cardio without the pounding that your knees and ankles would take on a traditional treadmill.

What benefits do Elliptical Bikes provide?

An elliptical bike isn't a bad piece of equipment to own but an actual elliptical machine would probably give you an overall body workout that's a little more efficient.

Best exercise machine?

I would say if you are going to invest in a good exercise machine for daily use I would get an elliptical as it works more of your muscles and gives you a better cardio workout.

Basic Elliptical Machine Routine?

Basic Elliptical Machine RoutineFor those people that are looking for a new way to complete their cardiovascular exercises, a great option could be to use the elliptical machine. The elliptical machine uses a circular motion that simulates running, but causes a minimal amount of impact on your knees and joints. Because of this, the risk of injury is far less than it would be with other cardiovascular exercises.While the elliptical machine can be a safe and effective way to exercise, using the machine on a regular basis can end up being quite boring for some people. To ensure that their exercise seems less routine and more exciting, people should attempt to set up a basic elliptical machine routine to follow when exercising.When creating new routine for your elliptical exercise, it is important to factor in a proper warm up and cool down period. If you are going to exercise for any period of time, it is very important to ensure that all of your muscles are prepared for the exercise. To ensure that they are prepared, you should warm up for at least 10 minutes at slower speeds. Following your exercise, you should cool down for at least 5 more minutes.To ensure that your elliptical machine routine keeps your mind engaged, you should create a routine that utilizes some variability. This could include trying to move at varying speeds or using different resistance levels throughout the routine.

Can an elliptical trainer reduce belly fat?

According to the health site Livestrong, to burn body fat and reduce a beer gut cardiovascular exercise is required. An elliptical machine is considered a cardiovascular machine and therefore would help to reduce body fat.

I want a elliptical exercise machine to get fit?

If you want a good machine that does not cost too much, I would recommend Other than that their are company's sites for them such as Bowflex.

What parts of the body are exercised by an elliptical trainer?

The elliptical trainer is a cardio machine not a muscle building one. However it exercises your complete body similar to what running on a threadmill would do. It will improve your overall fitness

Would elliptical workouts help my legs?

Yes, the elliptical trainer does help you to lose weight and tone up your legs. Also a less expensive machine would be simply a stepper. I have been using a stepper for 20 years to maintain my legs.

Stairmaster improving the health of an elderly.?

A stairmaster is a nice equipment that is suitable for all ages, even the elderly, however, caution must be taken if it is their first time. I would recommend starting off on the lowest level and then working their way up.

Where can I get a Schwinn Elliptical?

I would recommend any sort of elliptical machine for increasing physical health. Cardio based exercise is great for the body and can increase endurance. In order to buy one, I would check online. Websites such as Amazon are wonderful places to locate hard to buy items.

Is the Stairmaster workout a good way to improve my overall fitness?

I would work on the Stairmaster to work on my legs and buns. This will increase your heart rate and stamina. This however, will not improve your overall fitness. This is merely the stepping stones to a path of being physically fit.

Are there any health or safety risks in using an elliptical?

The safety risks when using a elliptical are the moving parts to the elliptical which can injure fingers while the elliptical is in use. Health risks for the elliptical would be not to use extensively if you are pregnant.

Why are elliptical bikes so expensive?

Elliptical bikes are designed to give the user a low-impact workout in the privacy of their own home. The machine requires sturdy parts that are designed to transfer a lot of the stress and impact your joints would experience during a regular workout- and therefore have to be made to last. Since no one is going to buy a machine that breaks every few uses, the expense to build elliptical machines gets transferred from the makers to the buyers.

How are elliptical galaxies perfect spheres?

They are not perfect spheres. If they were, they would have been called spherical, not elliptical!

Is the kettlebell workout DVD a good value?

I would not recommend the kettlebell workout if you are trying to improve your conditioning. You should probably just get a treadmill or elliptical machine if you want to improve conditioning.

Would this machine put a lot of strain on my knees?

Precore-EFX556-Elliptical-Trainer will not put lot of strain on knees but properly planned and gradually increasing workout regime has to be followed.

If students wore black sweatshirts to protest a war what sort of free speech would they be exercising?

They would be exercising symbolic speech.