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Most states are "shall issue" states, meaning that if the person is qualified to possess a handgun under federal and state law, that state must issue a carry permit if the citizen applies properly, passes the background check, pays the fees, etc.

A few states are "may issue" and these states have the power to deny a person a handgun carry permit EVEN IF the person meets all the eligibility requirements under the law. A common situation is the the local permit-issuing authorities want to know what reason the citizen has for wanting to carry a gun, and if they don't think the reason is "good enough" they will deny the carry permit, or maybe only issue a limited transportation permit to allow the gun to be carried to and from the shooting range or the hunting fields instead of loaded carrying on your person for protection.

WHY do citizens want to carry guns? For personal protection against criminals is the most common reason. Sometimes the citizen will be extra-vulnerable to attack or extra-likely to get robbed (like the owner of a jewelry shop or liquor store), but other citizens carry guns for protection just because ANY person could be robbed or kidnapped or attacked by a criminal, at almost any time or location.

Some people have "carry permits" when really they don't want to carry loaded handguns on their bodies or within easy reach. They just want to be able to take the gun to and from the shooting range, or the woods, or the gun store. In some states you can't take a pistol out of your home for any reason unless you have a "carry" license, even if it's broke and needs to go to the gunsmith for repair.

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Q: Why would someone be granted a permit to carry a weapon?
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Related questions

Can you open carry a weapon in Tennessee with out a permit?

It depends on the weapon. You can't carry a firearm in TN without a permit at all, but it is legal to carry knives and a few other things that are classified as weaspons.

Can you carry concealed weapon with a NC permit in Virginia?

Yes you can. If someone in Virginia says otherwise, just shoot em.

Can you carry a concealed weapon in new york city?

Only if you have a permit for the weapon

Can you carry a concealed weapon with a permit in a Florida restaurant?

Yes, as long as the permit you have is valid in Florida.

Can you carry a concealed weapon in North Carolina with a SC concealed weapons permit?

According to, yes, you can carry in NC with a SC permit.

Can I carry a concealed weapon into a hospital in West Virginia?

In West Virginia you can not carry a concealed weapon anywhere without a permit. If you have a permit then you can carry a concealed weapon in a hospital as long as there is no signs stating that you cant. Also, If you do not have a permit, you cannot carry a weapon openly anywhere at night, witch is considered concealed. Please check with local law enforcements first! The information I provided is with a little research and is just given as an idea on what the law could be!

Can you carry a concealed weapon in Florida?

Yes, if you obtain a permit...

Do Alabama policemen have to have to permit to carry a radar gun?

No. It is not a weapon.

Can you carry a concealed weapon in restaurants in Denver Colorado?

Only with CCW Permit. I myself live in Englewood, Currently you can not even carry a weapon in Denver County without a Permit even less conceal it. Sorry...

Can you carry a weapon in your own home without a concealed permit?

Yes you can.

Is it legal to carry a concealed weapon in Ohio?

If you have a concealed permit, yes.

Can you carry a pistol in your pocket in Mississippi?

Different sources say different things, but according to the Mississippi Department of Public Safety, conceal carry requires a concealed carry permit issued by the DPS. You may carry your weapon openly (on a holster, or in plain view) without a permit, but you may not conceal your weapon without the permit. You may, also, not bring your weapon into a building which has stated that they do not allow weapons.

Can you carry a concealed weapon in a vehicle in Missouri without a concealed carry permit?

Not legally without a ccw.

What proof is received when permission is granted to carry a gun?

A license or permit is issued.

What places are restricted for carrying a concealed weapon in pa with a permit?

In Pennsylvania you are not allowed to carry your weapon into any school, federal building, court house or casino even with your permit.

Does a concealed weapons permit from Virginia allow you to carry a concealed weapon in DC?


Can you carry a concealed weapon in Charlotte NC?

Only with a Concealed Handgun Permit.

Does a concealed weapon have to be concealed?

I'm assuming you mean if you carry a weapon does it have to be concealed. It depends on where you are. For instance, the state of Tennessee does not issue a "concealed" permit, but a handgun carry permit and there is no specific requirement to conceal the gun by law. However, many states do require the weapon to be concealed. Check for more information.

You are 21 can you get a license to carry a concealed weapon?

It depends on what state. Each state sets its own requirements for weapons and weapons permits. For instance, Tennessee issues a "Handgun Carry Permit" which covers only handguns and does require concealment. In Tennessee, you can techically carry a concealed weapon other than a gun without a permit as long as said weapon is otherwise legal.

Does a concealed weapons permit include knives?

It depends on where you are. In the U.S. each state sets its own rules. For instance, in Tennessee, there is no such thing as a weapons permit, it's a handgun carry permit, and applies to handguns only. Other than handguns, basically anyone can carry any legal weapon, but to carry a handgun, you must have the handgun permit. On the other hand, Florida issues a "concealed weapons permit" and it covers any legal weapon.

Is carrying a handgun in Indiana a class d felony?

No, citizens in Indiana can apply for a gun permit and a CCW (concealed carry) permit at their local sherriff's office. You MUST HAVE A PERMIT to carry the weapon, however, or else it will be a crime.

Do you need to register a firearm in Missouri if the gun was handed down by a deceased family member?

No. You do not have to register any weapon in Missouri. The only permit needed in Missouri is the permit to carry a concealed weapon.

How old do you have to be to carry a concealed weapon?

It depends on where you are, and what the weapon is. In Tennessee, for instance, basically anyone can carry a knife if it has a blade less than 4 inches long. However, to carry a handgun, you must be 21 or older and have a handgun carry permit.

Is it legal to carry an expandable baton in the state of Minnesota?

The quick answer is no. You may obtain a permit which allows you to carry a concealed hand gun in mn. But that permit does not give you the right to carry any other weapons of any kind. You may purchase a expandable baton. You may purchase a taser. You may purchase a can of pepper spray or tear gas. You may even purchase a switch blade knife. But you may not carry any of these objects as a concealed weapon. It is illegal in the state of mn. To carry a concealed weapon of any kind without a permit. How do the police know if you are carrying a concealed weapon? If you use it as a weapon! Simple. If you get arrested, or stopped for any reason and they find it on your person, concealed, they assume you are concealing it to use as a weapon. So if you don't use it as a weapon, you are good. If you don't carry it as a weapon you are good. Other states have very different laws. Florida concealed carry permits apply to knives, batons, mace, and other concealable weapons. If you have a permit to carry a gun, you have a permit for all. Minnesota however is very very different. Always check with loca l.e.o. For your local laws and statutes.

Do you have to have a permit to carry a non-concealed weapon?

It depends on where you are. Each state makes its own laws. For instance, Tennessee issues a handgun carry permit that is only good for handguns. It does not cover other weapons, but you can carry some other weapons besides guns even without the permit. Once you have a TN permit, you can carry any handgun you own, and it can be open carry or concealed.