Why would someone in someone elses arms with their eyes shut see a vision of the other person's symbol which represents their spiritual beliefs without them knowing anything about it?

=============== Because you gave him the answer unknowingly. He employed what is known to magicians as "cold reading." And you readily believed him because he gives you answers that you want to hear. You concentrate on the "hits' and ignore the "misses". "In the course of a successful reading, the psychic may provide most of the words, but it is the client that provides most of the meaning and all of the significance." --Ian Rowland (2000: 60).. http://skepdic.com/coldread.html Sounds quite wonderful. Either you are gifted in this area and are just awakening to it or the other person needs to start living a more spirirual life and it is just "oozing" out of them.( desperately needing direction) ==new answer== The mind communicates in pictures. He had his spiritual image in mind at the time and you were receptive.

Many times I have an image in my mind which I cannot recall in words and will get the words from the other person. Everyone has these experiences without knowing how to explain them. I have a basic education of mind is how I know.