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Why would the air conditioner in your car stay on after you have turned the ac off?


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2009-09-06 09:19:08
2009-09-06 09:19:08

If your vehicle has a Air Conditioner clutch cutout relay, the contacts could be sticking. I had the opposite problem on my 87 Caravan, so I opened the relay and cleaned the contacts. A replace-ment is around $15. There could be a problem in the dashboard controls, but I don't have any experience in that area. ANSWER some cars and trucks are temp control setting sensative on my truck if it is set to cold the ac will run even if it is not on the ac setting try turning up the temp control. Also, on air conditioning equipped vehicles, your windshield defrost setting uses the air conditioner whether the air conditioner is on or not. Make sure that's not what's happening before you tear things apart and spend money on it.


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An air conditioner should not smell like smoke when turned on (or when turned off). I would have to suspect that the electrical insulation is burning.

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It only stays on when the air flow is turned to defrost. It does this because the air condition has a dryer on it that dries the air which defrosts the windshield better.

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