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try checking if the brake pads are worn down. this may be the reason or you may just have a faulty sensor. either way take it to meineke or some kind of professional mechanic

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Q: Why would the brake light in a 2000 Camry go on and off while driving if the brake fluid is full?
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What does red BRAKE light on dash of 97 Camry mean?

It means that your parking brake is on. :-) Or there is a problem with the brake system, as in low brake fluid.

Brake light 2002 Toyota Camry?

Check the brake fluid reservoir. If it is low, the light will come on notifying you that the brakes need to be serviced.

How do you turn off the red light brake on the dashboard on Toyota 1996 Camry?

The red brake light indicates that the parking brake is on or that the brake fluid is low. Be sure to add the specified brake fluid if you add fluid. Also make sure that you don't allow any dirt to get into the brake fluid and don't overfill the brake fluid either.

Why does the Brake warning light flickers on 2001 Toyota Camry?

If it only flickers it may be due to low fluid level in the master cylinder. Check your brake fluid reservoir.

How do you turn off the brake warning light on the dashboard of a Toyota 93 Camry wagon It went on when my brake fluid was too low. I put fluid in brakes are fine but warning light is still on.?

somtimes float sticks down in brake master

Why would an icon on the dashboard comes on when the brake pedal on a 1997 Toyota Camry is depressed?

A dashboard light appearing when brake pedal is depressed usually means brake fluid is low.

Why e brake light stays on on a 98 camry?

brake light swith located under the brake pedal is stuck.

Why does the emergency brake light go on when driving uphill?

One thing you might want to check is the brake fluid. Your brake fluid reservoir has a sensor in it that lets you know when it is getting empty. By driving up hill it may be sensing that it is low so just check the level of the brake fluid. Be sure you do not overfill and follow directions in your owners manual for checking and filling brake fluid.

Why is my dash brake light come on and off?

Depends on the make of car, but most likely you are low on brake fluid. Check it before driving.

How do you open 2005 Toyota Camry's rear brake light bulb?

please tell me how to open Toyota Camry 2005 le, rear brake light bulb

Does the brake light come on when fluid is low?

Yes , the " BRAKE " light in your dash will come on if the brake fluid is low or your emergency / parking brake is engaged

What does it mean when the Check Brake Fluid Light comes on?


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