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the brake light switch down at the brake pedal is most likely bad .


First, use a test light to check to see if the bulbs are getting power. If not, check the stop light switch. This is the switch connected to the brake pedal. When the brake pedal is pushed, this switch closes the circut and causes the brake lights to come on.


The brake lights are wired through the hazard switch, Turn the hazard lights on and off several times, the brake lights should start working.

the hazzard swith has a little plastic piece that dry rots over time, go to junkyard and by the switch, very simole job, cost me 25 cents

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Q: Why would the brake lights stop working on a 1994 Buick Skylark if the fuses and bulbs are okay?
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95 Buick Skylark back brake drums?


Where is the fuse located for the interior lights on a 1993 Buick Skylark?

It's under a panel door that says FUSES on it that's under the dash over the brake pedal.

Where is the connector for the brake light switch in a 1991 Buick Skylark 3 3L?

I've got a '92 skylark, and had a problem with the brake lights staying on even after the car was off. There is an adjustment that is connected to the brake pedal that you can adjust the tension on. It's kind of a pain to get up under there unless you're skinny though.

How do you replace the power brake booster on a 97 buick skylark?

who knows i have the same question

Why would '97 Buick Skylark brake lights turn signals hazards all stop working at once while center brake light in rear window works fuses are good changed turn signal switch and still doesn't work?

The only thing common to all those lights (but not to the center brake light) is the hazard switch. I'd check that next. On my 96 Century the hazards override the signals and brake lights meaning that the signals and brake lights must be wired into the hazard switch somehow.

Where is the brake light switch on 2004 Buick Rendezvous?

I have 05 with no brake lights

Why do your turn signals work but you have no brake lights on a 94 Buick Roadmaster sedan?

Sounds like it's not your bulb that is bad. It may be your brake switch isn't working.

Where is the daytime running lights module located 1997 Buick skylark?

On my 1999 Buick Regal the DRL module is located on the outside foot well behind the parking brake pedal under the carpet. My DRL has gone bad and is making the car quit.

No brake lights on s-10 blazer?

It is important to have working brake lights on a vehicle. If the brake lights are not working a person should first check the fuse, bulbs and at last the wiring.

1997 Nissan sentra brake lights are not working?

the brake light driver side not working

In 1983 Nissan pickup the brake lights aren't working but turn signals are how do you fix this?

The brake lights in your 1983 Nissan pickup truck are controlled by the brake light relay switch. When the brake light relay switch malfunctions the brake lights will stop working.

Vauxhall astra stoplights not working?

If none of the brake lights are working i would suspect the brake switch at the brake pedal.

Why would my 1995 buick skylark lose brake lights or turn signals?

Check the bulbs - they are double filamented - smaller for stop/turn and larrger for tailights Check the sockets for corrosion Check the sockets for power /ground

How do you replace signal bulb and brake bulb on a 94 Buick Skylark?

Just turn the housing the bulb is in and pull it out. Remove and replace the bulb the same way. For the rear lights, you have to push on a tab to release the housing the bulbs are in.

What causes a brake light on the dashboard to come on and go off at random in a 1997 Buick Skylark?

I'd check the sensor for the emergency brake. It's probably faulty.

How do you fix the problem of a 97 expedition brake lights not working but all other lights are working?

Check the brake light bulbs, Check the brake light fuse, Check the brake light switch, In that order.

Changed brake pads lights not working?

my lights are not working when i changed the pads on my peutgeo partner van

When the Buick Skylark 1993 is turned off the inside lights stay on?

It's a design flaw in the door jamb switches. They need to be replaced. I have a 1995 Skylark that had the same problem. Also, there was a redesigns of the brake cable assembly. Don't be surprised if it breaks off from your parking brake any time soon. A design flaw that has a door jamb of switches. Also they need to be replaced recently. we also have a 1955 Skylark that had some problems. There was a redesigns of the brake cable assembly. Don't be surprised if it breaks off of your parking brake any time soon

What can I check on my Chevy Silverado to see why my brake lights aren't working?

the connection between the battery and the brake lights

All lights working except brake lights. Is there a brake light fuse?

There should be a fuse for the brake lights. If the fuse is good always check the ground wire.

What should you do when someone tells you that your brake lights are not working?

Get the lights fixed, of course!

Why are your Peugeot 206 brake lights not working?

probably the brake light switch on the pedal if none are working at all

What is the cost of replacing a brake line on a 1992 Buick Skylark?

probably about $70-$100, i just got quoted on my pickup $300 for complete back brake line replacement

Why are your brake lights and hazard lights not working on a 99 Chevy turn signals and top brake light is working fine?

turn signal switch needs replaced!

Brake lights on your trailblazer not working?

If you brake lights are not working on your trailblazer it could be due to a number of reasons. Your fuse could be blown, or your light may no longer work.