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check the wiring connections as it sounds to me that the illumination wire is getting a constant 12v feed, also check that the ignition wire is switching off with the ignition

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Q: Why would the car stereo light remain on after the car is turned off?
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Where do you attach the remote wire to your car stereo?

The remote wire coming out of your car stereo constantly sends a low voltage signal while the stereo is turned on. This is to signal external components such as amplifiers or power antenae to activate. If you don't have these items, the remote wire should be taped off as to not ground out on anything. IF you were wondering where to run the remote wire from your amplifier to a stereo that does not have a remote wire, I would suggest sistering it to the hot wire (red) coming out of the stereo. Make sure that your radio doesn't function without the ignition turned on. If your radio works without the key in the ignition and you have your remote wire from your amp wired to the hot wire on your deck your amp will remain on all of the time wether you're in the car or not. This will lead to a dead battery. Hope this helps Shane (vmax33)

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if you leave the parking lights switch "ON" the lights will remain on, even if the car has been turned off.

What would cause the advtrac light too turn on my 2005 Ford Explorer?

what would cause the ADVTRAC OFF light to remain on on my 2005 ford explorer

How do you replace the light source in a car stereo?

It would help to know what year and model car and if original equipment or after market.

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Check your stereo wiring. The generator light staying on is a sign of a shorted or grounded wire. sounds like you blew a fuse that is tied into the field wire circuit for the charge system

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