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because like we do the flu they become immune to it and it doesnt affect them

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What are chemicals called that are used to kill insects?

These chemicals are called insecticides.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using chemicals to kill insects and weeds?

The advantage of using chemicals to kill insects and weeds is speed, cost and ease of application. The disadvantage of chemicals is overspray and runoff, as well as the lingering chemical on the produce.

Are chemicals intended to kill insects and other organisms that damage crops?

Yes, these chemicals are called pesticides.

Substances used to kill crop destroying insects?

Farmers use pesticides and insecticides to kill insects that destroy crops. Both of these substances are made from strong chemicals.

Chemicals intended to kill insects and other organisms that damage crops are called?


How do we kill insects in your house?

We can use many insecticides or pest control chemicals to remove or kill insects in our house. We can also take help of any pest control service company for this purpose.

How can runoff affect animals that live in water?

Runoff can kill animals in the water because it brings chemicals into the water that do not belong there. These chemicals can include pesticides actually meant to kill insects, fish, and animals.

How do flea collars work?

Flea collars contain a mixture of chemicals that are toxic to insects and kill fleas on contact. The chemicals spread through the coat and in some cases the bloodstream.

Which insects do farmers kill?

Well they try and kill the pest insects that damage their crops but unfortunately the insecticide sprays they use actually kill all insects which, while perhaps OK for the farmer is very bad for the ecology and biodiversity of the planet.....also we end up eating some of these chemicals and as they are poisons it can not really be good for us.

What chemicals can kill animals?

Many chemicals can kill animals.

Which chemicals would kill fish if spilled in a river?


What is an example sentence for pesticides?

An example sentence for pesticides would be...I watched the farmer put pesticides on his plants so it would kill insectsOr something like that!Don't pesticides kill insects?

Which chemicals are designed to kill pests?

Pesticides is the general term that's used to describe the chemicals that are designed to kill pests. The first part of the word, which is 'pest-' in this case, identifies the intended target or victim of the chemical. The second part of the word, '-icide', explains the intended, terminal action to whatever the pest is.There also are specific chemicals that kill specific pests. For example, 'fungicides' kill fungi. Chemicals identified as 'insecticides' kill insects. Those identified as 'miticides' kill mites. 'Herbicides' kill plants, usually weeds, 'rodenticides' kill rodents, etc.

Do bees eat insects?

no. bees are vegeterien but they would attack and kill other insects in defence of the queen and the hive

Why there are some insecticide cannot kill insects?

Some insecticides can no longer kill insects because the insects have evolved to be immune to the poisons. Also, most insecticides do not kill insects on contact.

What do you do to make a radioactive spider out of chemicals?

Radioactive chemicals would kill a real spider. Real life is not the same as the comics.

Why can't mammals be as small as insects?

Giving birth would certainly kill them.

Can stick insects kill?

No they cannot kill.

What does Katniss realize about one of the Insects?

That they where called jackers and the would parolize and posssiable kill you.

Why are pesticides used?

Pesticides are used in order to kill insects. If insects get on some types of vegetation, it can kill it.

Is there a way to kill fireflies?

Chemicals typically used on farms kill fireflies. Over the years the firefly population has been dropping severely due to this.

Do venus flytraps kill insects?

Yes they do kill .

Does insects kill us more than you kill them?


What do chickens kill?


What do turkeys kill?


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