Why would the coil not spark?

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Usually the first thing that I would check is a bad ground of the coil itself. Now if that does not work then you should let a professional do this but it is an old trick, but power up the coil manually by grounding the bottom of it to the car and then taking a wire from the pos side of the battery touch the batt post of the cap. You olny need to do this for a second. Then take the wire away from the battery and DO NOT TOUCH THE CENTER OF THE CAP!!!! but ground out the top of the cap. YOU WILL SEE A SPARK!!! if you do not then more than likely the cap is breaking down and not holding a charge. A coil not sparking could be many things like a ignition module it could be the crankshaft possition sensor or camshaft position sensor

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Q: Why would the coil not spark?
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Why would a 4.3L vortec not get fire to the spark plugs?

Bad coil or coil pack.

No spark at ignition coil?

I would suspect the coil itself, even with the wire connecting to the distributor cap removed, you should still see a spark from the connector on the coil to the body of the coil itself

What would cause no spark to a coil in a 1986 Mazda b2000?

I have replaced the coil and distributor cap.

What sensor could cause no spark on a 1995 caprice?

No spark would usually be the ignition coil.

What is the coil to the spark pug called on a Yamaha ef600?

The coil to the spark plug is called an ignition coil on a Yamaha EF600. It is also referred to as the spark coil. These two terms are used for any coil to the spark plug in a vehicle.

Is an ignition module the same as a ignition coil?

No. The coil provides the spark and the module tells the coil when to spark.

What does a coil pack do?

The purpose of a coil pack is to supply the spark to the spark plugs.

How can you make a spark plug spark with a battery and ignition coil?

You apply 12 volts to the coil primary and then release it . The electricity will go through the secondary coil and spark the spark pug.

Why no spark Ford Fiesta coil pack no spark?

coil kaput buy new

What would cause a ford explorer to not have any spark at the spark plug?

Could be a bad ignition coil either traditional type or C.O.P. (Coil on Plug) type

If a suzuki samurai has no spark what could be the problem?

Do you have spark at the coil? If not it could be the coil but I would put my money on a faulty ecm. Happened to mine and the repaired ecm fixed it.

What is a coil and how does a bad one effect a vehicle?

A coil is what gives you spark it distributes the power to your spark plugs so it would run bad or not at all check for spark. The coil produces the power for the spark to ignite the fuel/ air mixture in the combustion chamber of the engine . The distributor systematically distributes or places that spark to the spark plugs in the firing order .

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