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This is not a direct answer for your question, there are a few things that could be wrong. BUT in general on just about every vehicle regardless of manufacturer there is only two things that will turn the light on 1) the parking brake 2) The fluid level sensor in the master cylinder reservoir. check your fluid level and top of, if full open and see if the float is stuck down I had a similar problem with my 98 jetta, the light staying on was accompanied by other problems such as headlights not working, no blower for heat/ac, no windshield wipers. It turned out to be the electronic ignition switch located inside the steering column. If you have any of these other symptoms it's probably the cause. Common problem for these cars.

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Q: Why would the emergency brake light stay on after the brake is released on a 1997 diesel Jetta and how do you fix it?
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How do you adjust the emergency brake on a 1998 jetta glx?

You have to lift plastic cover where the emergency brake set into.There will be two nuts,which you either loosen or tighten.

Can something be done about water in the emergency brake cable of your 1999 jetta glx?

no not unless u bleed the brake system once or twice

How do you release stuck emergency brake on Chevy truck?

A stock emergency brake, on a Chevrolet truck, can be released by manually disengaging the emergency brake. This can be accomplished by loosening the tension nut on the brake.

How do you remove the emergency brake from a Toyota Sequoia?

Push the brake pedal to released.

Where is the brake fluid reservoir in a 2006 jetta?

where is the brake fluid reservoir on a 2006 jetta

Brake light flashing 2002 jetta tdi?

brake light flashing on 2002 jetta tdi

How do you get the emergency light to go out after the emergency brake is released 1991 acura integra?

cut the wire

Why does the emergency brake light stay on the dashboard after the emergency brake is released on the 2002 PT Cruiser?

Normally that light is an indication there is a problem with the brake system and MOST of the time that is low on brake fluid. There is a possibility (though remote) there is a problem with the switch on the emergency brake pedal.

Why does your my light and emergency brake light stay on my 2004 dodge Dakota?

Check Brake fluid level in master cylinder and make sure Emergency brake is fully released

Where is the trunk release switch for a 1997 VW Jetta?

My trunk release in mine is in the center console behind the emergency brake. There is a button inside.

Does 2000 jetta have electric brake pad sensor?

Yes 2000 Jetta GL does have front brake pad sensors.

How do you adjust the emergency brake on a 2001 Kia Sportage?

The 2001 Kia emergency brake can be adjusted with the emergency brake adjustment bolt. The adjustment bolt will be on the emergency brake pad.

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