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Hi Dave,

I have a 1989 Ford F150, 8 cyl. I had a similar problem where I would start my truck and it would die almost immediately. Anyway, I also replaced several things, but the thing that did it was the fuel pressure regulator. You don't say what type of car or truck you have. But it doesn't sound like it is like mine exactly. You could have gotten a bad fuel pump. How long since you had a tune up? How about spark plug wires, rotor? It could be misfiring.

AnswerCarburator? Get a new car! AnswerMy friend had the same problem. He had to replace an air sensor. Or maybe you need some carb tuning. AnswerMy dad was having the same problem with our 95 Chevy Corsica. I'm about 99% sure it was a bad spark plug. Just as a thought.

My 87 Thunderbird had the same problem. I tried adjusting the idle, didnt help. I ended up replacing the idle speed actuator on it. Which is a sensor, located right behind the idle control bolt. This fixed my problem. If you are still having the problem, maybe consider the sensor.

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Q: Why would the engine idle then die?
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Can egr valve cause engine idle problem?

Yes, it can cause low/unstable idle or die off at idle.

Your 96 infinity i30 idle is not at 0 zero is that a problem?

No, an engine idle RPM being not zero is not a problem. If the idle were zero, the engine would not be running!

Why would a 1995 Saturn SC dohc engine slowly die down to an idle instead dropping right off to idle when you let up on the accelator?

Is it a stick shift?

Has anyone got a picture of an engine idle?

A picture of an idle??? Idle is a state of operation not an actual part. As in, the engine is idling at 750 rpms. A picture of an engine at idle would look almost exactly like a picture of an engine that is running at 3000 RPM or shut off.

What does the idle air valve control would it stop your truck from running at high idle?

No it will not. It only controlls the idle of the engine.

How do abs affect engine iddle?

ABS brakes should have no effect on engine idle, but a bad power brake vacuum booster would have an effect on engine idle.

Why would a 2002 Tracker have its check engine light come on idle rough and then die?

Without having it checked for codes, It is impossibe to answer.

What would make an engine idle high when clutch is depressed?

Engine vacuum leak.

Engine knocking when idle?

There are a number of reasons why an engine would knock when you idle the vehicle. It could be your motor mounts. You may also need oil.

How does an idle control valve work?

The idle control valve works by regulating the idle speed of the engine. The idle speed of the engine is usually controlled by the engine of the computer.

Could Catalytic converters clogged on 1991 GM Sonoma truck cause it not to stay idled?

Probably not. They would have to be clogged solid not to let engine idle in which case the engine would not run at any speed. If they were semi-clogged the engine would idle but hold engine back from revving up.

Why does my idle drop and my truck die when i stop?

If the check engine light does not come on when your truck dies it's probably the idle air control valve

Why does 440ci stroker engine have rough idle and engine shake at idle?

because that's kind of a big engine

Why would a 97 Honda Civic EX engine flutter while in 'idle'?

You might need to change the fuel filter.

What would cause a 1996 Chevy Corsica to idle high then idle fine after turning the engine off and on again?

check the soleinoid

Why does your 1985 25 liter celebrity like to die when idling?

I would clean, and possibly replace the Idle Air Controller. It regulates air to the engine to maintain an idle. It is bolted directly to the throttle body and will run you about $70 USD.

How do you adjust engine idle on ford E2505.8l?

does the engine have a carburetor or is it fuel injected? A carbed engine has mixture screws along with a base idle screw, a fuel injected engine the idle is computer controlled.

Why does a Lincoln ls die at stop lights?

The most common cause for an engine to die out, while idling, is the idle speed is set to low. You can adjust the idle speed with the fuel injector vital screw.

What is Idle RPM?

When an engine is in "idle" it is taking over by itself without any acceleration (or load) being applied. This the "idle RPM" would be the number of revolutions it makes per minute while running at "idle".

What would cause a 1987 Chevy s 10 to die while in idle but not die when excelerating?

carb problems, adjust the idle screw and see if that helps

What cause the engine to die when you press on the accelerator but it can idle?

Incorrect fuel pressure. Plugged fuel filter.

When starting car engine idle is very low?

Since it is starting from 0, the engine idle is low.

What does a Idle speed control solenoid do?

The idle speed control solenoid controls the idle of the engine when the air conditioning is engaged. Since the ac pump draws down the engine idle the solenoid increase the idle when the ac is on.

What would cause a 2000 Mitsubishi gallant to start then die?

1. Engine Idle speed set too low? 2. One or more cylinders misfiring at low idle? (Spark plugs, plug wires, distributor cap or distributor rotor would be the common culprits.)

You have a 1997 Trans Am which started loping heavily while idling then the engine would die at idle speed now the engine turns over but won't start any suggestions?

try replacing mass air sensor