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Why would the front end shake badly when you put on the brakes?


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Most likely you have warped rotors. If the rotors are warped, when you apply the brakes, the brake pads/caliper will be forced to follow the rotor and the vibriation will transmit via the steering wheel and brake pedal.

AnsweIf the rotors are warped you will feel a pulsation or a bumping in the pedal when you step on it. It may also be a loose brake caliper. If you are getting a bad shaking I would definitely check the suspension components and the steering linkage for problems.

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The cost for the front and back brakes would be about $600 dollars.

One of the belts might have broken in the tire.

Normally this is caused by warped brake rotors.

A common reason is that the front rotors have warped. Go check out WikiAnswers on the topic of "warped brake rotors". Rotors should wear out smoothly in normal driving. Use of the brakes that generate lots of heat (hard braking, riding the brakes) will result in warped rotors.

If you are under the age of 70 and are shaking too badly I would make an appointment with a neurologist.

This could be for a few reasons, but if they are getting hot without you applying them, I would suggest that they are sticking and causing the pads to rub on the discs, or if they are drum brakes, the shoes on the drums. If they are only getting hot as a result of using the brakes, I would suggest checking that the brakes are balanced properly, and that the front brakes are not doing all of the work/ or that the back brakes are working at all.

your back brakes are supposed to apply before your front brakes, they do this so your car does not take a nose dive every time you apply the brakes. but if it is very noticeable i would check the adjustment of your rear brakes (if you have a disc/drum setup) or i would check your proportioning valve if they are locking up

disc brakes are usually used on the front of a car is because the braking ratio for any Car is 70 / 30 ........70 percent of the braking power goes to the front 30 percent goes to the back also if you had disc brakes on the rear of the Car and you slam on (emergency stop) the brakes would lock and you would slide all over the road

hard breaking or no back brakes. also, back brakes adjusted wrong.

Warped brake rotor.Warped brake rotor.

if your riding your brakes,you may have warped rotors, otherwise its something wrong with your steering and/or alignment. hope this helps : )

it depends on the year of the vehicle. it could be a bad brake line or the may just need to be bled

If you only did the front brakes, the problem may be in the rear brakes.

If you do not expect to stop the vehicle, then yes. Your front brakes provide up to 80% of the stopping power of your braking system. Without them, you would NEVER be able to stop your vehicle in anything resembling a safe amount of time. PERIOD! Not to mention, you would probably be replacing your rear brakes every week if you managed to put enough pressure against them to stop your vehicle at all - AND you would ruin your calipers on the front from not having the pads in place to keep them from hyperextending - which would also cause brake fluid loss, which would keep your rear brakes from working.... So, bad idea. Do *NOT* EVER drive a vehicle that has no working front brakes. Need I say more?

New brakes for a vehicle depends on the type of car that you have. The more expensive the car, then the more the brakes would cost. For front brakes on a less expensive vehicle could cost anywhere between $40-150. The back brakes are higher.

You may have a vacuum leak and it might be the vacumm booster on your brakes. That is the large canister behind the master cyl. What year is it and does it have anti lock brakes?

An 03 would have them all around.

the same way as you would on a RWD or AWD car. but more information is needed to answer such a question. what part of the brakes????

It would depend if your car has 4 wheel disc brake or only the front (2) has disc brakes. You would have one rotor for each wheel with disc brakes.

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