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* in my experience i have found that the wiper motor cover is the problem, you may check your local Mercury dealer there was a recall for this. you may also check the wiring I have seen wiring that has been eaten through by mice or other varments. * I took it to the Ford dealer for a dionostic test...$75!!! Turns out the windshield wiper motor had a short in it...Cost me $55 to replace it myself. But,on another note, we did find mice in the engine compartment earlier in the spring! So maybe they caused it!

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Q: Why would the fuse blow every time the windshield wipers are turned on in a 2002 Sable wagon?
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What size windshield wipers do you need for a Toyota corolla?

Windshield wipers should be replaced every 6,000 miles. The windshield wipers should be any of the following sizes: 93-01, 94, 95, or 96.

How often to replaced your airplane windshield wipers?

every year

What are windscreen wipers made of?

Windshield wipers are made out of natural rubber. They are made with an adapter that can be used universally with every vehicle. There are 3 types of wipers: standard, curved, and spoiler.

How often should windshield wipers be replaced?

Experts say windshield wiper blades should be replaced every six to twelve months, and wiper blade manufacturers recommend changing wiper blades every year.

Is there a universal model of windshield wipers that I could purchase that works well for both rain and snow?

According to one website, it is a good idea to check your windshield wipers at least every six months for normal wear. As for changing them due to weather patterns, if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow and ice, there are winter windshield wipers, also known as winter blades. These are more effective at removing snow and ice than normal all-purpose rain wipers.

How can you repair wipers that get stuck in the up position every time they are turned on?

There is a problem with the parking linkage. TAke it to a garage.

What is windshield wiper size for 2005 Jeep TJ?

My 04 Sport uses a 13-1. If you cant find out, go to a auto zone, and they have every vehicle in the computer, and can tell you what wipers you need.

How many years has the invention the windshield wiper been in use?

The first patent for a windshield wiper was filed in 1903 with the US patent office. They had to be manually operated by a hand crank in the cab of the car. In 1921 windshield wipers became more widely available and ran off of an air engine with an inlet in the engine bay. The faster you went, the faster your wipers went, the slower or more load on the engine, the slower your wipers went. Electric wipers weren't introduced until 1926, with an electric motor mounted on the outside, invented by the Bosch corporation. Intermittent windshield wipers were patented in 1967. Ford was the first auto maker to introduce them in 1978. Ford was sued by Robert Kearns, the patent holder, who went on to win a multimillion dollar settlement with Ford. While this lawsuit was going on, practically every other car maker in the world went on to violate the patent (Subaru was one of the few who didn't) and Mr Kearns was paid tens of millions in settlements (he died in 2005).

How do you make windshield wipers stop squeaking?

Clean windshield glass. Replace wiper blades. As rubber gets old, it gets stiff which causes noise. Consumer reports recommend changing them every 6 monnths to a year. See sources and related links below for more information on wiper blades for your vehicle.

Why do the wipers on your 1991 park avenue slap on the downward stroke they hit the stops on the bottom of the windshield which makes a loud noise?

This answer is from my own past experiences. It is not guaranteed, but it has helped me and friends in the past. I have found that the wipers are sometimes incorrectly adjusted, somtimes due to years of use/adjustment slippage. The wiper motor drives the wipers with a drive arm. The actual wipers themselves are attached to this drive arm with a screw. If the wipers are hitting the park-stops on every wipe, the adjustment screw needs adjusted. Basically, turn the wipers off. Here is where it gets a bit tricky. The bottom part of the windshield, where the wipers recede, there may be a screw to open an access plate (probably plastic) where you can lower a nut driver (same as a screw driver, but with a socket end on it) and loosen the bolt below. God, this is hard to explain on a simple internet text message. Now, with the wipers off, and the screw loosened, manually move the wipers to their normally parked position, probably a very slight move. Now, lock that screw/bolt down. Tighten it and try the wipers once again. If the problem is still present, then the main bolt on the wiper motor itself needs loosened, repositioned, and tightened.

How do you remove automotive windshield?

Every car has its own way to remove the windshield. The basic is to remove the cowl (the bottow part of the windshield where the wipers sit on top of, it a long plastic piece) after that you remove the trim (moulding). Then your insert a special tool called a cold knife, looks like a L shape knife. You slide that knife between the pinchweld and the glass, and pull it all around the edge of the glass, this is separating the glass from the poly-uranthane which holds the glass. That all

Is there a cap on the windshield washer tank for the front of the 2003 montero sport?

there's a cap on every fluid of every car. if yours is missing, its no big deal, just put another cap over it, or tinfoil works to, as long as it doesnt get stuck inside the tank. you just don't want dirt and crap getting in there while your using your wipers.

What are the examples of condensation in your daily life?

The water and/or ice on my windshield every morning.

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How can you stop wipers from dragging across the winshield and making scratches?

The best way to prevent wipers dragging, bouncing (chattering) and thus scratching the windshield is preventative maintenance. This situation usually occurs when the wipers are worn because the rubber blade becomes stiff and fights the glass rather than working with it. Many vehicle owners replace their wiper blades every 6 months before they become poor - normally they replace them in late winter and fall. In 2008, Consumer Reports rated almost all wipers as "very good or excellent" when brand new. They also reported that all wipers substantially dropped in performance after 3 months and only one wiper was rated better than "Good" at 6 months. Many conclude from this that they should be replaced every 6 months. See below for more tips on replacing windshield wiper blades. Another preventative measure would be the use of glass treatment which effectively lubercates the glass. It not only helps the rubber slide over the glass, it can prevent debris from bonding to the glass as much, so debris comes off easier.

How often should you change transmission fluid for your Mercury sable 1994?

We recommend every 30,000 miles.

Why does the 10 amp fuse labeled engine on my rodeo blow every five to ten miutes of run time?

there is a short in the wiring beyong the engine fuse this could be depending on vehicle your wiring to your windshield wipers, ignition switch, defogger, over drive switch combo meter or power steering on 1986 Toyota

How do you best defrost a 1999 Plymouth Breeze in the mornings in winter so that the windshield defrosts on the outside and doesn't fog up on the inside?

Pour warm/hot water on the windows. It works every time! If the defroster and heating units are working correctly I don't understand why the inside windshield would still be fogged up. I have a 2000 Plymouth Breeze and the owners manual says when using the defroster be sure the the vent control knob is turned to outside air position. Hopefully this will work. NEVER!!! EVER!!! EVEEEEERRRRR!!!!!! pour hot water on your cold windshield! The temperature change WILL pop your windshield.

How do you turn on headlight wipers on 2003 Volvo s40?

There is no separate control for the headlight wipers. Depending on the year, the washer works several different ways. If it's new, you just need to hold the washer for an additional few seconds and they will engage then. If you have an older model, they will work either every 3rd time you use the windshield washer, ( I've also read every 5th time ),or they have a small reflective square at the bottom of the light and if light reflects back, they will engage. I've also read that the headlights needed to be on for them to work. Something you need two people to check, Hope this helps.

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Ihave a 1999 mercury sable what makes it cut off when you stop?

I have a 1998 Sable that has had the same problem. Every time it has been caused by a leak in a vacume tube. It has been replaced 3 times now on my car.

"Every time i turn a corner in my 2004 Trailblazer?

There is a leak around the windshield and you will need the seal repaired.

What can be used to prolong the life of windshield wipers?

Keep glass super-clean - remove bugs, sap and ice immediately as well as regular dirt.Use a non-silicone based glass treatment like Aquapel or Trico View (which doesn't build-up on rubber) See below.Wipe Rubber Edges of wipers every time you gas-up.Keep vehicle out of direct sunlight as much as possibleKeep vehicle out of extreme temperatures as much as possibleIf in cold weather scrape glass with scraper; not with wipersThe long and short of it however is that Consumer Reports actually recommends replacing them twice a year to maintain very good or execellent performance.

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Who is at fault if a vehicles tire throws up a stone and it cracks your windshield?

That is considered just every day road-hazard damage; in some states your insurance company will pay for a new windshield with no deductibe required.