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Hey LaMarcus==There is a short somewhere. You need to get a wiring diagram as I am quite sure the radis is supposed to be on a separate fuse not wired with the lights. GoodluckJoe

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โˆ™ 2004-07-16 11:57:45
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Q: Why would the fuse that controls the radio and interior lights in a 96 Grand Am SE keep blowing out?
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1995 jeep grand Cherokee limited entry lights stay on?

There is a dashboard illumination switch that controls the brightness. If it is pushed up fully, the interior lights will stay on. Lower the switch slightly until the interior lights go off. When doors are closed, if the switch is lowered, the lights should go off after about 30 seconds max, maybe less. Hope this Helps, it did on mine.

Where is the fuse for the trunk on the grand marquis?

Same one that controls interior lighting lights come on inside car trunk should too when opened check lightbulb change if necessary have a good day

Jeep grand Cherokee not blowing any air at all.?

If a Jeep Grand Cherokee's air conditioner is not blowing any air it could mean that the blower motor has went out. Also the AC controls could be bad.

How come your 1997 grand prix GTP interior lights wont work even though you charged the car overnight?

If only the interior lights won't work, check the fuses.

What fuse controls the back lights on 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

It should say TAIL for taillights or maybe brake lights.

Interior lights will not come on when opening drivers door on a 2001 grand Cherokee?

Check your fuses.

Your stereo and interior lights stopped working on your 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

check the fuse

What does a body control module for a 1996 Dodge grand caravan control?

Wipers, interior lights, exterior lights, alarm, some of the hvac system,.......

Why would the front interior lights not work but the rear ones do on a 2005 grand caravan?

Blown bulbs.

Why does the 97 grand Cherokee's interior lights come on when key is removed and stay on until the battery is drained?

The interior light switch is on or a door switch is bad.

How do you disable daytime running lights on a 2004 Pontiac grand prix?

Remove the fuse on the interior fuse box

Your interior lights in your 98 grand Cherokee only shut off when you start it why?

The lights on your 98 Grand Cherokee are designed to turn off when you start the vehicle. This is how they are made. Once the doors and closed and the ignition is turned on, they turn off.

Have pulsing headlight and interior lights on 1997 Grand Am Was told it's not the alternator Now what Any suggestions?

wiring problem

What would cause of the interior and exterior lights of a 1998 Grand Cherokee Limited to flash on and off and other times the interior lights will be on with it just setting in the driveway?

probably the heat on the drive ways or some cord in the car is just messed up.

What fuse controls power windows and locks?

The fourth fuse in the interior fuse panel controls the power windows and locks on 2000-2001 Grand Prix. 25 amp silver fuse.

On your Jeep Grand Cherokee laraedo 4.0 the IOD 20amp fuse is good does your jeep NEED it to funcion?

The IOD fuse feeds the interior lights, radio, and other interior items.

What fuse controls the cigarette lighter in a 2000 Grand Am?

Look in the owners manual and it will give you the location. Look in the bottom of the lighter and see if a coin has fallen into it, blowing the fuse.

How do you stop the interior light staying on for 8 minutes when you set the alarm on the jeep grand Cherokee overland 2002?

Interior lights are controlled by the overhead console, Hit "Menu" until you reach the interior light delay, then press "STEP" to change.

what grand is there which controls your emotions?

hyipathulas grand

Why do my courtesy lights stay on all the time on my 2000 grand prix?

Either the light switch is set to have the interior lights on or one of your doors is not closing properly (or at least the sensor thinks it isn't closed).

Where is the fuse for the interior lights on a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo?

open the passenger side door. look at the side of the dash, there should be a little door that you can just pull off. Look in your owners manule towards the back of it and youll find the number of the fuse for the interior lights.

Why do the interior lights come on and go off on your 1997 dodge grand caravan also chimes sound?

If the interior lights come on and go of and chimes sound off f on a 1997 Dodge Caravan there could be a loose connection somewhere. This is a common condition with the Dodge Caravan series.

What would cause interior lights and rear window not to work on a jeep grand Cherokee when fuses are good?

Try the lightbulb it self, corrosion on the contacts

Interior light stays on when all doors are shut 96 jeep grand Cherokee?

Two possibilities; the dash switch is set to ON that operates the interior lights, or one or more of the switches that detect a door open has failed.

Where is the speed control deactivation switch on 1994 mercury grand marquis?

It's one of two switches located on the Break Pedal. One controls the Brake Lights and the other controls the Speed Control. Hope this helps