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this means that he really really like u that is why he said he wants to know you

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When a guy says i have a friend but you can be be my best friend?

I guess that means that he likes you and that is his best way of showing it!

You talked to a guy and he avoided looking at you but he did have eye-contact with your friend who is a girl?

That depends on how much he looked at your friend. If he attempted to make eye contact with you and then immediately looked away occasionally, he likes you but is shy. If he never looked at you, then he's either incredibly shy or he's bolder and likes your friend.

What does it mean if that guy that likes you smiled at your friend when you werent around?

When smiling at someone it basically means nothing. He is probably just being friendly. Nothing to be worried about.

If a girl smiles at me does it mean she likes me?

No, it does not necessarily mean that a girl likes you just because she smiled at you.

I told my guy friend i love him and he smiled and gave me a hug and kissed my cheek my friend who is a girl says he likes me?

just ask him you had enough courage to tell him how you feel you should have enough courage to ask him how HE feels

How do you handle a guy that likes your girl friend?

Not a big problem unless the friend is showing some sort of affection towards the girl, else I wouldn't worry about it.

I was at a animal show and this guy you used to date was staring at me and then you looked at him he looked away and he looked at the ground and smiled is there a chance he likes me what should i do?

Maybe he saw you and was remembering the good times you once had together. This may not mean he want to get back together, but it might. If you like him and want to get back together, then talk to him. Otherwise just leave it be. thanks for the answer :)

How do you prompt a guy you think likes you to tell you he likes you?

If you have a friend who is a friend of him, ask the friend to ask him if he likes you.

Why does your dog push his rear end into you?

maybe coz dogs sniff each other so it could be showing that it likes you and that your its friend ...

He asked if my friend likes me is he jealous of my friend I asked if he was jealous he said no?

Its unlikely that he would admit to being jealous. He's asking because he's obviously showing an interest!

What do you do if you like a guy but he likes your friend?

If your friend likes him back, back down. Risking your friendship is not worth it. If he likes you both, but your friend doesn't like him, tell him. If he ONLY likes your friend, don't do it, as he'll use you to get to your friend.

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