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Why would the headlights of a 1990 Taurus remain on until the battery is disconnected?


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there would either be a short to power in your switch / a short to power in your wiring somewhere between the battery and the bulb . somewhere in there electricity is constant and completely cuts out the selector switch. the lights turn off when you disconnect the battery because that is the only time that power is not applied to the bulbs.


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Maybe you'd like to explain what you mean. I can't believe you actually want your headlights to remain on all the time - you'd flatten the battery.

Cars don't turn off completely, they run on battery power. The headlight switch needs to be turned off.

Sometimes an alternator with a weak diode(s)can test out fine, but can still trigger the light. I believe the problem is in your alternator. Good luck.

Turn the ignition key to the accessory position which is normally counterclockwise. Only the radio will be drawing power. If you have a good battery you could listen for a couple of hours without running the battery down. Any longer and the battery may go dead. Make sure that the headlights are off; these may still remain on when the key is in the accessory position. Headlights will drain the battery very quickly. It may also be advisable to run the engine for a few minutes every half-hour or so, to recharge the battery.

Headlights are generally wired in parallel. This way, if one headlight is to burn out, the others remain lit.

The headlights require a vacuum to operate down. If there is no vacuum they remain in the up position. You may have a vacuum leak such as a disconnected or broken vacuum line. I have also seen the vacuum reservoir can rotted out and unable to hold a vacuum.

The life of the battery. You never have to change it.

I had this problem with my 1994 Buick LeSabre and it no longer happened when I installed a new battery. It's been at least 6 months now with no recurrence of the problem. Before the new battery, I noticed that if I waited about 5 minutes after turning off the car, I could get the lights to turn off. Seemed like something had to cool down.

Had this problem on a 1995 JCL, it was the DRL (daytime running lights) module. If you're lucky yours will cost $100, mine was $350. It was located to the left of the steering column and over a metal plate (white box) completely hidden from view. Do not buy Jeep, they are electrical problem prone and nightmares.

You can bypass it by removing the three pin plug from the lock cylinder. This will only be successful if done while the engine is running. It will remain in "code accepted mode" with wires disconnected at this time and no new inputs! This proccess may or may not need to be repeated if battery power is lost.

All lead acid batteries are always charged with the caps on. What this prevents is the acid accidentally boiling up an out of the cell and doing damage to surrounding equipment. When a car battery in a vehicle is charging when the engine is turning over, the caps remain on. This procedure should be no difference when the battery is on a plug in battery charger, the caps remain on. There are vent holes in the caps which allow any built up pressures to release.

it's either low on oil or the sensor is bad. if you KNOW the oil level is full then the sensor has gone away on you.

Yes they should , they stay on all the time , while the ignition is on all the best Fester

It is possible that both bulbs are blown, but it is probably a fuse. Also check for a bad ground wire.

To reset an alarm for a 94 Corolla after changing the battery, place the key in the ignition and turn it slightly. Let it remain in that position for several minutes before starting the car.

Unlike older vehicles, today's vehicles have computers and other electrical components that require the battery to remain connected to the vehicle circuitry full time thus requiring a small but constant use of battery power. A battery maintainer will keep a battery charged and can be connected full time without overcharging. These are pocket size version of the automatic battery charger, but only have low current capabilities of 1 amp or less.

There are a couple of things that can cause your middle stop lamp to remain on. The most common cause will be a loose or corroded ground wire.

No, it does not make any difference if there is some sunshine warming-up the battery, no matter whether it is bright or not! To be able to recharge any kind of rechargeable battery a battery charger or a generator is needed and, for it to be able to transfer the necessary amount of new electric charge to the battery's plates, that external source must have a voltage about 30% higher than the rated voltage of the battery. Non-rechargeable batteries have chemicals in them to dissolve the sulphation or similar contamination that is caused when they are used heavily. (Sulphation only occurs in a lead-acid battery.) These chemicals can only work if the battery is allowed to remain completely disconnected from any loads for a while. So, after a battery has just seemed to "run down", if you make sure to disconnect it from its load and just leave it to rest for a while, it will often recover a little, but the recovery will usually be only short-lived. If a battery is then still found to be completely dead after such a "rest", it will never be able to recover on its own, no matter how long it is left lying in bright sunshine. However, if it is a rechargeable type of battery, then it may still be possible to re-charge it by using a suitable battery charger or generator.

Depends on the vehicle. On some, the fog lights are independent of the headlight switch, and the circuit may remain hot (up to the switch) regardless of whether or not the headlights are on. This is more common in instances where the fog lights were wired in as a DIY aftermarket project, and are often run straight off the battery or an unused slot in the fuse panel.

The Tesla Model S carries an 8 year battery warranty. The mileage warranty is unlimited within 8 years for the 85KW battery. Acceleration does not decline with age, but maximum range will. Tesla estimates that by 10 years the battery will still have 80% of its original range. Tesla has proposed a long term battery swap program so their cars can remain on the road indefinitely.

Headlights won't turn offYou don't mention the make, model, and year of your vehicle so this answer will have to be generic in nature.Many of the later model vehicles are designed for the headlights to remain on for some time allowing a person to have light to navigate their driveway, sidewalk or garage to an entrance door to the house.This condition of headlights remaining on temporarily is accomplished using a "relay" which is a switch which is controlled by an electrical current.That relay control current is usually provided by an electronic timer device. Sometimes the timer is inside the relay, and sometimes it is a separate device, possibly located some distance from the relay.Therefore, IF the timer "sticks" in the on mode, or the contact points in the relay stick in the closed position, then the electrical current to the headlights never gets turned off and thus the headlights stay on.

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