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Why would the lights on a 2002 Chevy Impala automatically go to dim and send electrical waves through the dash panel and radio system?


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2006-04-17 16:08:28
2006-04-17 16:08:28

What do you mean by "send electrical waves through the dash panel and radio system?" Do you mean the dash panel and radio lights dim also at the same time? I would check your headlight switch. My 200o impala had a similar problem and once i replace it fix the problem. My 2002 Impala did this also and I thought it was the alarm I had put in. I guess from your results also it wasn't the alarm.


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Yes, fog lights can be installed in the 2004 Chevy Impala. These lights come standard in this make and model.

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No, the 66 has the rectangular tail lights. 68 has round lights. I own a 66, but I prefer the 68 tail lights. google Impala images.

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becaus the 2004 Chevy impala does not have automatic lights and they have to be turned off manually

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Info can be found in your "Owners Manual" under Electrical System - Fuses and Circuit Breakers on page 6-61...

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The starter motor requires a great deal more of electrical current than do ordinary light bulbs. The lights working is not always an accurate measure of the battery condition.

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