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First check the fuses then change the bulbs it is posable for both to go out

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โˆ™ 2004-10-25 17:09:03
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Q: Why would the low beams not work in a 1999 Sunfire?
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Why do the high beams not work even though running and normal beams work fine on 2001 Sunfire?

Does the car have fog lights? I have a 2003 Sunfire that the high beams would not work on. This was caused by a short in the fog light wiring. I had the fog lights rewired separate from the harness (about $100) and the problem was fixed.

Why would only the high beams work on a 1996 Sunfire with new bulbs?

The problem is probably in the dimmer switch but it needs to be checked out.

Why do Low beams work high beams don't indicator light on all the time in 1996 Pontiac sunfire?

Normally caused by faulty dimmer switch.

If the high beams on a 1998 Sunfire do not work but the daytime running lights do is it because they are on the same element?

Seperate circuits I believe.

Why would only your hi beams work on your 1994 F-350 and not your low beams?

low beams my have burned out

Low beams on 1997 sunfire don't work and already replaced the switch 3 times?

the problem is the switches themselves, just poorly designed.

Why would someone jerryrig the low beams on a 1994 Le Baron to make the low beams work Wire from battery operates low beams Low beams do not work high beams do and so do parking lights?

Bad dimmer switch.

Why would the high beams work and the low beams not work on a 1977 corvette?

Bad bulbs?Bad Hi-low switch?

Why would high beams work but not low beams on a 2000 Ford Expedition?

Check your owners manual.

Why would the high beams work but the low beams don't on a 2002 Chrysler Sebring?

fuse, bulbs or switch

Why would the high beams on a 1994 Thunderbird work when the low beams do not?

Headlights have two filaments; one for low beams and one for high beams. There is a good chance that the low beams are burnt out. This doesn't necessarily mean that the high beams won't work. However, it's not too common for both low beams to burn out at the same time. Of course, it could be a fluke. I would replace the headlights with new ones and then go from there.

Why would the high beams work and the low beams not work on a 1990 Ford F-250 truck?

Bad bulbs Bad dimmer switch

99 Pontiac sunfire no low beams no day light's high beams work fine?

Hmmm.... it seems unlikely that both low beam elements would fail at the same time, but it's possible. Replacing the headlight lamps is cheap and easy and would be my first attempt at fixing the problem. Is your DRL indicator on the dash flashing? They'll do that when the lamp(s) burn out. Since the DRL's AND the low beams don't work, I wouldn't suspect the headlight switch, however this is not beyond the realm of reason.

Why do your hi beams work and neither of your low beams do?

I would suspect the dimmer switch. But could be a bad wire/short.

Why does my heater switch only work in the 4th position on my 1999 Pontiac Sunfire.?

Replace the fan blower resister

Can you use a 2.4 cavalier engine in a Pontiac Sunfire gt?

you can as long as it is withing certain years 1996-1999 cavalier engine will work in a 96-99 sunfire and a 99-02 cav engine will fit a 99-02 sunfire

Will a 1996 Sunfire gas tank work on a 1999 cavalier?

It may The Sunfire takes a GM39 tank The Cavalier takes a GM39B You will have to get the wrecker to check or compare the two very carefully.

Why wont high beams work high beams work?

First check the bulbs, if the bulbs are good I would suspect the high/low beam switch is bad.

97 sun fire and the high beams work but the low beams don?

Not uncommon in that model; apparently the wiring harness is weak at the low-beam wire; read more in the forum below.

Why would the bright headlights on a 2000 Nissan frontier work but dims do not?

Because there are two different bulbs for the hi-beams and lo-beams

Why will my high beams work but my low beams do not on my 1994 Chevy half ton?

Your high beams work but your low beams do not because the switch is broken that switches between high and low beams. Electrical switches wear out.

Why do the low beams not work and the high beams work on a Mitsubishi Eclipse?

If low beams do not work and the high beams of a Mitsubishi Eclipse do, it is probably due to a corroded connector. Simply clean the connector and add some petroleum jelly to the terminals.

Why do the high beams work but the low beams dont on a 1999 Ford Escort ford escort?

I would start with the easy answer. Check both of your headlamps to be sure that the low beam filament is still intact. If all is well there, I would start leaning towards the multi-function switch (which is the headlamp / turn signal lever.

Why would both low beams go out at the same time but the high beams still work on a 1996 miata?

check the wiring at the hi-low switch.

2000 Chevy Cavalier low beams do not work but day running lights and high beams work what could be wrong?

As a guess both low beams are burnt out The daytime running and high beams are the same light filament. Or the fuse or the relay for the low beams.