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Probably a faulty wheel sensor........, or you may find that you have a faulty wheelbearing. I experienced the same exact issue. In my case, normally the Low Trac light would come on when accelerating from a stopped position. It seemed to happen more frequently when the steering wheel was turned in either direction while accelerating from a stopped position. The movement or slack in the bearing albeit very slight is enough to change the condition(position)of hub to sensor which the difference is enough to trip the sensor causing the low trac light to come. The wheel sensor is most likely doing its job and the faulty bearing is your root cause. The wheel bearings are a sealed bearing. Had passenger side go out @70,000, driver's side @90,000. I changed the wheel bearing in both cases and the light has never come on again after driver's side was replaced. I learned the best case is to fix both left and right bearings at the same time as a pair.

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Q: Why would the low traction sensor come on during normal driving conditions upon acceleration in a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT?
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