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Why would the odometer on a 1994 Honda Accord fail intermittently and how do you fix it?


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2004-05-30 11:03:57
2004-05-30 11:03:57

If the odometer also quits, the problem is probably the speed sensor or wiring to it. If the odometer keeps turning when the spedo quits, it is in the spedo itself and needs to go to the speedo shop.


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The speedometer on a 1996 Honda Accord EX is the pulse variety. It is likely that the teeth on the speedometer gear are not meshing properly.

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It is illegal to disconnect an odometer. Why would you want to do this?

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yes, as long as the 1992 accord is also an automatic

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Are you planning to convert your Accord to RWD? The S2000 has a longitudinal motor. The Accord has a transverse motor. It would not be easy.

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Its either a faulty cable or a faulty electrical connection.

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