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Why would the parking and interior lights stay on in a 1984 corvette?

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2008-04-27 06:05:11
2008-04-27 06:05:11

The only thing in common between the parking and interior lights is that the switches for each are located on the Main Light Switch. The parking lights will come on if the switch is pulled out to either the first or second stop. (The second stop also being the headlamps ON position). The interior lamps are turned on when the Main Light Switch is turned fully counter-clockwise. It is possible that the switch is defective but it seems unlikely that a defective switch could cause both of these problems. The interior lights are also controlled by the Interior Lamp Delay Timer which is controlled by the Door Jamb Switches. These timer modules are prone to failure and can cause the interior lights to remain on at all times. Un-plugging the module is the best way to find out if it is defective or not. It is located on the Instrument Panel Wiring Harness which is accessable by removing the lower instrument panel just above the passenger's knees (the panel with the light) and reaching up with one hand to find the harness. It is a small black plastic box taped to the harness. Break the tape with your fingers and you can lower the box down just enough to unplug it. It will have a 5-pin connector with (1) black, (3) white, (1) pink/black & (1) pink/white wire. If you find the timer module to be the problem, you can connect all three of the white wires together and you will have working interior lights when you open the doors. However, the lights will shut off immediately when you close the doors but you will have lights and they won't be on at all times.

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