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Usually when this happens the side that is dim has a deffective ground to that bulb socket. Please check the socket for contamination and follow the wires with your eyes and hands to determine if the ground wire for that socket is close by and remove and clean it then reinstall that wire.


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Q: Why would the passenger headlight be brighter than the driver side?
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What would cause the driver side headlight on a 2003 Chevy Blazer to stay dim and the passenger side headlight work fine?

a possible solution would be to check ground wires. The driver and passenger side front lights have separate ground wires in wiring harness. The result of having ground wire disconnected is dimming headlights.

Why would the high beam headlight on the passenger side not be working if the relay bulb and wires seem fine?

If you haven't already, replace the headlight. Chris

Would a bad headlight switch make one of the headlight bulbs to burn outalways on the driver side?

No! The headlight adjustment is out of whack or you did a hit and run that you forgot about that bent some things holding the headlight.

What size of lights go on a 1992 Integra and how would you change them?

9004 for main headlights. H3 (35watts) for foglights located next to headlights. To change passenger-side headlight, remove the airfilter box, disconnect the headlight socket, unscrew the black ring that secures headlight bulb. To change the driver's side, repeat the same procedures.

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Can the headlight bulb in a Honda goldwing motorcycle be changedfrom a 4545watts to a 5560watts?

I would not plastic lens will melt sometimes get a brighter output 45w 45w bulb

How do you change a passenger side front headlight bulb in a 2001 volkswagen jetta?


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