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First thing I would check is the fuse panel. Usually located under the dash.

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Q: Why would the passenger window not roll up using either driver or passenger switch in a 2000 Lincoln Navigator?
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How do you get the doors to unlock when you put a 1998 Lincoln Navigator into Park?

Press the " U " on the lock/unlock switch located on either the driver or passenger door.

How do you find out if a particular trucking co has a dot number?

You can find it on the tractor. On either the driver or passenger door.

Your door ajar indicator light will not go off on a 1998 Lincoln navigator?

its either your doors switch that has gone bad or your rear hatch.


Either a short to power in the circuit or a defective switch.

Where is the cd player on a 2002 lincoln contINENTAL?

According to the 2002 Lincoln Continental Owner Guide : The CD changer is either in the console or the front passenger footwell

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1991 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

Frame rail on either the driver or passenger side.

What is the weight capacity of a 1999 Ford Ranger XLT?

should be a catalyst on either driver or passenger side door

Where is startersolinoid on Lincoln Navigator?

The starter solenoid is located on the starter motor, who's is on either the right or left side of the engine block where it meets the transmission

Air suspension relay location on 2003 Lincoln Navigator?

The best way is to get under the car on the front passenger side across from the headlight area there is only one relay there. Be advised there are small bolts that hold it so either have very small socket set or just get it with pliers.

Where is the inertia switch located in a 1992 mercury tracer?

May be either in the trunk drivers side or in one of the kick panels either driver or passenger side

Where is the radiator drain plug for 1997 RAV 4?

On bottom of radiator either on driver or passenger side facing engine.

Why won't Passenger power window go up or down in 1998 Toyota Camry from either the driver side or passenger side switch?

Check the fuse box for blown fuses.

Why your Lincoln Navigator rear suspension not work?

The compressor is either bad or your air bags are bad... Get springs from a rear 2wd Expedidion and swap them on your Navigator, is real chep and easy. and it feels just like the air bags. I did it to mine last week...

If a Taxi passenger opens a door at a hotel entrance and a fast car hits the Taxi door as the open door who is at fault Taxi driver or passenger or fast car?

If the taxi driver was in the middle of the road then it wold be the taxi driver fault but if the taxi was on the side of the road then the dumb taxi driver should know that the rule is to open on the right side either way! duhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Where is the CD changer on a 2002 Lincoln Continental?

According to the 2002 Lincoln Continental Owner Guide : The 6 disc CD changer is either in the front passenger foot well , or in the center console

How do you reset service engine light on a 2003 Lincoln navigator truck?

Either try disconnecting the battery for about 10 minutes or have vehicle scanned to determine problem and have codes cleared

Why does the front half of the air suspension on your 1999 Lincoln navigator work but the rear is not pumped up?

Either one of your rear air bags have a leak or both have went bad.

Where is the CD player in a 2001 Lincoln continental?

According to the 2001 Lincoln Continental Owner Guide if the vehicle is equipped with a CD changer it is either located in the front passenger footwell area or the center console

Why don't the passenger door open from the outside on a 1995 Lincoln Mark VIII?

Sounds like the outside door linkage either came off or is broken.

Can not find turn signal relay?

Relay is under either the hood of vehic or under the driver side clucth peddle or under the dash board on the passenger side

Why did the air suspension pump on my 97 Lincoln Mark 8 quit working?

Either the air suspension relay that is behind the passenger side wheel well or the compressor.

Where is the tire jack located on a 1999 ford ranger?

Either behind the passenger jump seat in a purpose built rack/holder, or under the console between driver and passenger seats (this compartment would be an obvious & would have an obvious latch).

Where is the fuel shut off switch for a 92 ford taurus and how do you reset it?

It should be either in the trunk or the passenger or driver floorboard. To reset ot, push the button back down.

Why will my passenger power window in my 2004 dodge neon not go down?

I'm currently having the same issue and from what I've gathered over the past week online, it's one of two things. Either the window switch/connection is faulty OR the regulator. Mine happens to be the switch because the driver side switch for the passenger window works fine. Now my problem is if the passenger and driver switch mechanisms are interchangeable when purchasing?

How do you disarm a car alarm on a 94 Nissan Maxima?

depending on what you mean by disarm the car alarm, it may be as simple as putting the key in either the front driver or front passenger door and turning towards the rear of the car once or twice. the driver door keyhole on my 93 no longer works to disarm, so i use the front passenger door.