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There is a small "inline" fuse on a separate wire to your radio. This is so that there is power on always to keep all your preset stations. Also check behind the radio and make sure the antenna connection hasn't vibrated loose. You didn't say if the lights on the radio were on or off or if the speakers crackled. In your searching, could you have inadvertantly jarred the main radio connection loose?

AnswerTry checking the fuses under the hood. AnswerSome aftermarket radios also have an internal fuse. However don't ever open a CD player as it voids the warranty. If you have checked the above fuses (fusebox under dash, under hood, and inline fuse) take it to a repair shop AnswerMost newer head units have a fuse in the back of it where your antenna, remote, ignition and other wires are plugged in. if that fuse is still good, you may have fried your head unit. Before taking your radio to a repair shop, make sure it's plugged in properly and the wires are good, my remote and ignition wires were shorted to ground and the fuse kept blowing, what happened was they weren't properly connected back to my unit
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Q: Why would the radio not work if the fuse is good and does the radio have its own fuse?
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If the fuse for the radio is good on a 2003 grand caravan what else would cause the radio not work?

If the fuse is good there may be a grounding issue. If the radio is an aftermarket one, try removing it and make sure that the antenna is hooked up and the ground wire (black) is correctly hooked up.

How do i get the radio to work in my 1995 Pontiac firebird?

First thing to do is check the fuse. If the fuse is good then you will have to remove the radio and have it repaired or replace. You should be able to find a used radio at any salvage yard or you can install an aftermarket radio. That would be cheaper than having it repaired.

What would cause radio and heater not to work on 2003 caravan?

Those are two seperate circuits. Start with checking the fuses. There is a fuse for the radio and a fuse for the heater blower motor.

Where is the IOD fuse in a Dodge Grand Caravan?

The IOD fuse is on the left side of the fuse box under the hood, is a 15 AMP fuse. Without or blowed fuse, the radio would not work, power locks does not work, accessories light would not work. This information is for a 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan.

Why does the radio not work in a Pontiac vibe?

check the fuse in the fuse box

Why would everything in your 2000 Lincoln ls work except your radio and clock?

I would start with the fuse panel.

99 vw jetta FM radio doesn't work?

Check the fuse box for a bad or blown fuse for the radio.

What size fuse goes in a 2001 Nissan altima for a radio?

For the radio to work in a Nissan Altima you will need a 12 volt fuse. This is a very small fuse.

Radio does not work in Volvo 940?

first check your fuse panel located behind ashtray and change fuse if that doesnt work check your code in radio if stock

What would cause only the radio to not work in a 2001 dodge grand caravan sport awd there is no specific fuse for this feature?

Yes, there is a fuse for the radio, which is probably blown. It may be a combination fuse. Controlling the radio and possibly the lighter or 12V power outlet. I had the same problem in the same car trust me there is a fuse I think it is a 20 Amp fuse

Why doesnt radio work after changing battery on a 2006 f-150?

Check your fuse panel for a blown radio fuse.

Why won't 99 Breeze start when battery is good and all lights work but radio and wipers will not work either?

Check fuse #8. Its the ignition fuse. If this is the problem, your gauges won't work either when you turn the key on.

Why does your radio not work after jump starting your car?

It may have blown the fuse for the Radio, check this.

Why doesn't the radio in my 1998 escort work?

Check fuse Check antenna i checked fuse fuse looks good or the fuse box i checked atleast its not antenna either because clock isn't working either

What is wrong when your jeep liberty lights and radio and door locks wont work?

most likely that would be a fuse

Does the clock in a 1995 Ford Taurus work on a fuse?

seeing how you said clock instead of radio im guessing your radio went bad. maybe it has a fuse built into the radio, maybe not. depends on if you already tried switching out the radio. people generally dont provide enough information for a good answer.

Where is radio fuse on a Renault megane scenic?

radio fuse 4 Renault scenicits the cigarette lighter symbol they work together hope this helps

If the Cigarette lighter doesn't work on a 98 VW jetta and the radio does work Is it a fuse or the lighter itself?

Its the fuse.. if not that check the wiring..

Why would all the Instrument panel lights not work including the radio light on a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am?

Bad fuse

What would cause the radio and warning chimes to only work part of the time on 2005 trailblazer?

a loose wire or fuse

What is the cause of my power door locks and radio volume not to work?

The cause of your power doors and locks and radio volume not to work could be a blown fuse. Locate the proper fuse to ensure it has not blown.

Why would my 2004 Chevy CD player stop working The radio works but the CD will not eject or play.?

Read the car manual, in the page were it shows the dashboard fuse panel find the radio fuse pull it out and put it back in with the fuse tool. This resets your radio, it did the trick for me with. Good luck AA My email is I Got my TB's CD player to work after I unpluged the battery then pluged it back it...try it it works

Why won't the horn or radio work in my 2000 Chrysler Cirrus LXI?

Try changing the 20 amp fuse, its in the fuse panel on the driver side of the dashboard. The horn and radio are on the same fuse!

1996 Mercury Sable radio will not work how to fix it?

Check the fuse

Why does the power to the radio not work?

More than likely blown fuse.