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Why would the reverse lights not work on a 1995 Eagle Talon?

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Reverse switch defective or loose. Located somewhere on the shifter. Check your fuses.

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Would a 92 eagle talon transmission fit a 95 eagle talon?

no it wont. the blocks are different..

What is a sentence using the word talon?

A talon is a birds claw. A good sentence would be, the eagle uses its talon to scoop up its prey off of the ground.

What is the top speed 1996 eagle talon?

i have a 91 eagle talon tsi fwd . iv had the car to 160 but i would not advise it because the car gets extremely light.

What does the reverse side of a 1879s silver dollar look like?

1879 would make it a Morgan dollar, which has an eagle on the reverse.

Why would all lights except the reverse lights work in a 1974 Beetle And how should I go about fixing it?

There is probably a reverse light switch on the transaxle that is bad or unplugged

Can you put 1991 eagle talon enigne into 1992?

Yes you Can... it is extremely easy! You would do it like you were putting the 92 engine back in it!!

I'm putting a 93 eagle talon 2.0 std parts car into a 91 eagle talon 1.8 auto show car will the suspension and sub frame components match holes or are the unibodies too different?

From all the research I have done on the Talon I would say it should match up perfect. the 1990-1994 models are all the same. Your best bet would be to get the part, test fit it, and then install it.

How do you troubleshoot why the reverse lights are not working on a 1996 Toyota Camry?

if all other lights are working, i would start with the reverse light switch.this is usually located on the side of the transmission

Is there much trouble to swaping a 1992 eagle talon ES non-turbo motor with a 1991 eagle talon turbo motor?

Yes much trouble. The motor mounts are not the same as well as the axels. It would be easier for you to convert the 420a engine to a turbo modified. They make turbos kits for the 420a

How would you know if it is a trade dollar?

Look at the reverse for the phrase TRADE DOLLAR under the eagle.

Eagle talon 1995 brake lights are not working But the lights work when the light are on why dont the brake lights come on?

it could be a plunger relay switch or pressure switch as some people call them. It will be mounted on the brake pedal arm. but i would check the bulbs first because if it is a dual filament bulb it could have gone out on one filament and not another. if your tail lights work and the blinkers work while the tail lights are on then most likely it is the switch on the pedal

How do you install timing belt on 96 eagle talon?

It would be best if you let a pro install it as every crank has to be lined up for proper timing.

What would cause a 1992 wrangler to not have working reverse lights?

Did you check the light bulbs? If OK, probably a bad reverse light switch in tranny.

Why did the Aztecs build the main Aztec capital where they did?

Because of a prophecy that said when they found an eagle perched on a cactus with a snake in it's talon they would settle in that spot.The eagle and the cactus is false it is said that they saw an eagle perched on a cactus and then they a heard the voice of Huitzilopochtli say to them this is the spot for them to build their city.The eagle and the snake concept is post colonial.

Why would a 2001 Hyundai Sonata reverse lights stay on and only turn off when shifting into reverse?

Sounds like the reverse switch is either damaged, or wired backwards... Did you have your clutch done recently?

What is the top speed of a stock 1992 eagle talon?

1993 eagle talon top speed 2.0LMy FWD 1993 Eagle Talon ES (2.0L DOHC) would go 124mph going straight and flat, no wind. With the benefit of a tail wind, I've had it up to 127mph. That's drag limited and all it's got. This is in 5th gear; shifting into 4th slows the car down as the revs are too high. BTW, this is top speed as measured on a GPS (not via the speedometer, which is inaccurate). I believe my particular speedometer would say 129 at 124 mph.Only mod is opening the air intake box and installing a K&N filter.

What would cause a91 eagle talon to idle fine but rev it up and it works fine then starts to miss then will barely idle then stall then let it sit for 2 min fire it up and it will idle fine?

have you checked the spark plugs and wires? if not try replacing those... my 95 eagle talon did about what yours is and I just replaced the plugs and wires and it runs like a top (with over 200,000mi on it!)

What would cause a knock in a 1993 eagle talon engine?

to much boost, to low of octane fuel, carbon buildup on pistons, ignition timing is to far advanced. take your pick

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