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Needs a tune up?

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Q: Why would a 1991 Eagle Talon be hard to start when the engine is cold?
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Would a 92 eagle talon transmission fit a 95 eagle talon?

no it wont. the blocks are different..

What would cause my 1997 eagle talon engine to knock then shut down after about 30 sec?

you blew your engine dude... that sucks sorry

Can you put 1991 eagle talon enigne into 1992?

Yes you Can... it is extremely easy! You would do it like you were putting the 92 engine back in it!!

What is the top speed 1996 eagle talon?

i have a 91 eagle talon tsi fwd . iv had the car to 160 but i would not advise it because the car gets extremely light.

Why would the engine coolant light stay on an 1995 eagle talon esi even though the engine is not overheating?

Coolant recover tank low or the sending unit on the tank is defective.

What is a sentence using the word talon?

The eagle seized it in its talons and quickly tore it apart with its sharp beak.

Is there much trouble to swaping a 1992 eagle talon ES non-turbo motor with a 1991 eagle talon turbo motor?

Yes much trouble. The motor mounts are not the same as well as the axels. It would be easier for you to convert the 420a engine to a turbo modified. They make turbos kits for the 420a

Why would a 95 eagle talon DOHC turbocharged cut out under load?


Why would the exhaust from a 1995 Eagle Talon come out white?

blow head gasket

Hi you own a 1995 eagle talon when you were driving the engine reved up like it was in nutual than the battery light came on you turned the engine off and tryed to restart it the starter would not tur?

I would check alternator.

What motor can be swaped in to a 92 eagle talon for better performance?

i would swap it with a 4g63 t

What would cause a knock in a 1993 eagle talon engine?

to much boost, to low of octane fuel, carbon buildup on pistons, ignition timing is to far advanced. take your pick

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