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Is the vehicle parked on a hill? Sometimes when parking on a hill, if the park position has been selected before the parking brake is applied the weight of the vehicle resting on the gear box locks it in park. Pull brake on and jack up one of the rear wheels and see if that helps. Also try putting foot on footbrake if vehicle fitted with safety lock.

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Q: Why would the shifter be locked in place in 1993 Ford Ranger?
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What other shifter would work for a 87 Ford Ranger?

If it's an auto, you could just get an aftermarket cable shifter from a speed shop.

What would cause a gear shifter to be stuck in park and the car won't start?

Your steering column is locked. how do you fix it

How do you remove shifter knob on Ford Ranger?

I have a 1992 Ford ranger with a manual transmission. A while back, my truck's shifter knob just came loose.It's all plastic, and I think it was just held on by pressure. I don't know what type your truck's shifter knob would be, since I really haven't driven any newer rangers.

What would cause the clutch to be stiff and not go in gear on a 1997 ford ranger?

your syncros might be worn or the shifter might need a new plasice ball on the end or the whole shifter needs rebuilt

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How do you replace a manual transmission shifter knob on a 2004 ford ranger?

Years ago I have 93 ranger. In it you would pry the shift pattern plastic thing out of the stick and there was a screw or nut (been so long cant remember which one now). That is how I changed mine.

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What would cause shifter to stay locked on ford econoline van?

This happened once to my van. There is a pin inside the transmission that locks the wheels when the shifter is in "Park". That pin had broken off and was bouncing around inside the transmission and eventually jammed it so that the shifter was stuck in "Drive". I had the get my transmission rebuilt. I hope yours is a simpler problem. Perhaps there is a simple problem with the linkage between the steering column and the outside of the transmission.

Would a loose shifter cause 1998 ford ranger not to start?

Check the starter relay on the right side above the fender the little red wire going to the top sometimes comes loose

Why would the light on the automatic gearshift not light up?

lightbulb in shifter is blown. remove shifter cover to replace bulb

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Toyota Echo 2001 loose gear shifter cannot shift gears?

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Does an 1987 Ford Ranger 4x4 have fuses for the 4x4 just stopped working and can't find out why?

Make sure the hubs are locked in, if they are manual hubs, be sure they are fully locked, if your transfer case is electronic I would check the fuse for it. Make sure you are getting power through the wires at the transfer case.

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