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An alignment problem would not cause a vibration unless the alignment has worn the tires badly, therefore the tires would cause the vibration. If the tires are okay, have the drive axles checked, because a worn drive axle can cause vibration.

The car pulling to the right when the steering wheel is released is most likely an alignment problem, but could also be a "radial tire pull". Normally a rotation will correct that.

An alignment problem will NOT cause your wheels to bend. Normally, only an impact could cause that -- like pot holes, curbs, etc.


this could be due to oil sludge. this is a common problem for 2003 solara. make sure to change your oil often.

Try replacing the tires! Apparently, Solaras suspension is very sensitive to tires with bad belts, bumps, flat spots, etc. Mine was shaking between 40 and 70 mph--replaced the front tires and it's smooth as silk no

try getting your tires balanced

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Q: Why would the steering wheel vibrate on your Toyota Solara?
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