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Most likely, it's the noise resonating along the driveshaft from slop in the rear end gear, u-joints or trans output shaft.

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Q: Why would the th350 tranny in a 1983 el camino 305 make a clinging noise when you shift it into gear?
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What is the cause of fast shift in a 1971 El Camino t400?

replace the vacuum shift diaphragm lacated on the side of tranny make sure vacuum hose has no leaks or cracks in it or just replace it w/ good non collapsable vacuum hose

Sometimes will not shift out of low gear?

When was the lasttime you checked your tranny fluid? You might have fried your tranny.

What is the function of the performance shift button?

Makes the tranny shift at higher rpms when activated.

What does a vacuum do?

a vacum works with the tranny to Shift an automatic vehicle

Where is the shift selonoid on a dodge Dakota transmission?

Inside tranny

2000 ford focus zx3 It has a manual tranny When you try to shift from first to second it will make a grinding noise and not let it in gear It may do this twice before you can get it in gear?

Can be worn out synchronizing rings.

Where is shift solenoid on a 1999 ford e250?

inside the tranny pan

87 iroc z auto tranny wont shift past first?

Check your transmission shift solenoids

What would cause shift solenoid A to go out on 99 dodge durango 4th time replacing?

i had same problem. what i did is replca the tranny filter and tranny oil, and solve my problem try it. i had same problem. what i did is replca the tranny filter and tranny oil, and solve my problem try me see how you doin -rockandroland117@yahoo.caANSWE ANSWER= shift lockout. some times wheel sensors will go out and the shift lockout will occur to prevent further damage to tranny.

What are the causes for a Turbo 400 transmission to drive-in low gear and then it wouldn't shift to read highlight the tranny slipping?

The tranny slipping

Where is the linkage on a 1997 Suzuki sidekick?

the gear shift might just go inside the tranny and shift the gears internally.

What is the corvette one to four shift light?

If it is on a manual tranny it is the signal for the optimum time for you to shift for best fuel economy.

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