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Why would the traction control light stay on in your vehicle?

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Most likely you have a faulty wheel speed sensor or dirty connector. The onboard computer THINKS one or more wheels are running at a different speed.

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Would a smaller size tire cause the no traction light to come on?

If the vehicle has traction control, all the tires must be the same size. If one tire is smaller than the rest, yes the traction control light would come on.

What does it mean if Trac Active light is on?

From my experience it would be traction control active.

What does the light that looks light a rectangle with liquid in it and an arrow pointing down mean?

Owner's manual. I would suspect this is the Traction Control light.

What would cause a 1996 Park Avenue Ultra with a supercharger to have the check engine light and traction control light on at the same time once in a while with MAF Sensor code incorrectly being sent?

A problem with the emissions will sometimes shut off the traction control, thus illuminating the light.

Why does the tcs light come on the dash?

The TCS light stands for Traction Control System. The light will come on if you turn the Traction Control Off. If you cannot just turn it off by pushing the TC button, Is the Check engine light on also? If it is the TCS light will come on as well. If it comes on without the check engine light being on then there is a problem with the TCS. You would have to have that diagnosed by the dealer.

Why would spanner light and traction light come on Opel Zafira car looses power and limp mode takes over Throttle valve replaced but not resolving intermittent problem?

The traction light is on becasue there is no communication between the traction control and the ABS. You will need to check the ABS sensor which is probably damaged or need cleaning. The spanner light normally means go to workshop as there are some problems with the engine electric. The spanner light could be on because the traction light is on. Once the traction issue is sorted, the light should come on automatically. If the spanner light is on on its own or has been on before the traction light then probably the oxygen sensor needs changing.

Why would the 'check engine' light and 'ETS off' light turn on at the same time on a '97 Olds Achieva when the ETS system is on?

When there is a failure that sets the check engine light, the vehicle responds by going into a limp mode. This means traction control and ETS are automatically turned off for safety and to prevent further problems with the vehicle.

What would cause the traction control light to flash and ABS light to come on in 1998 Toyota Camry?

If you had new struts installed, they may have been installed improperly

What does a circle with atriangle in it mean on 2001 vw passat?

Is it flashing or staying on? Flashing while stationary / start up - some sort of fault. Probably with braking / traction control. Flashing occasionally while on move - car skidding losing traction Staying on: Fault with traction control - I had this happen to me car would start, no light on, after a while light on all the time - turned out it was a broken wire. Staying on after pressing a button marked ESP you just switched off the Traction Control.

How can you find out if a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0l 4wd has traction control?

If it has traction control, there would be a "trac off" switch on the dash.

Why would a AWD car also have traction control?

all traction control does is slow your motor down when a wheel starts to spin and wont alow you to keep giving it gas to spin out of control While AWD can help you keep from slipping and will help you keep control in ice and snow, remember that you can still slip. Traction control briefly shuts down the engine when you start to slip so that you don't loose control of the vehicle. Both features are useful in bad road conditions. Actually Traction Control uses the throttle and the brakes to compensate for wheel spin.

Why would a 1994 Saturn SL2 Traction control light be on every time you start the car even thought you're forever turning it off?

That is the way it is designed, assuming it is like the 96, 99, and 2002 antilock/traction control systems on the SC2's that I have owned. The turn off switch is a push button that toggles the traction control between on and off, but does not lock in the on position.

What does a speed sensor control?

A Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) senses the speed of the vehicle. Used for automatic transmission shift points and other electronics. Another speed sensor would be a wheel speed sensor. This one monitors wheel speed for ABS and Traction control.

Does traction control take away any horsepower?

No, because traction just keeps you from slipping and staying on the ground. Horsepower would be the same.

Why does your 2001 ford windstar traction control make a grinding sound when it kicks in?

I would use the word "grind" to describe the normal operation of the traction control. But... Because the traction control system is activating the brakes, it could also be symptomatic of worn brakes. See "Related Questions" below for more

Should your Trac Off Light be off or on in a 2000 Grand Prix?

It is your choice. If you want the Traction Control to be activated then I would just leave it on. I never turn mine off.

What does TC light on Chevy Cobalt instrument panel mean?

That would be traction control, it kicks in when when on slippery surfaces, in some models you can turn it onor off with a button on the shifter.

Does traction control of 2000 Ford Taurus affect brake system operation?

The traction control shouldn't affect the break system. The operation would only be affected by warmed rotors or bad calibers.

Why would your traction control come on for no reason when turn left or right?

telling you your car is using traction control to prevent tipping probably because you made a sharp turn going at high speeds

Can you improve a vehicle by its friction?

Yes. If there were no friction, it would lose all traction and would simply skid all over the place.

What if my traction system light and abs light goes on at the same time and there is resistance in the brake pedal som of the time?

Your front rotors are probably shot, they have a sensor in them that controls the traction light. I just had mine replaced on my 2002 because the traction light would come on for no reason, just sitting at a stop light and pulling out, backing up. Does not do it now since I had them replaced!

Why is the traction control light on after the transmission has been rebuilt in a 2000 ford windstar?

It's possible one of the ABS / Traction Control wheel sensors was knocked off line during the transmission operation. I would suggest asking the repair shop to inspect the front sensors and double check they were plugged back in & the wiring looks okay. If they are equipped to read ABS trouble codes, that would be very handy - otherwise, you'll have to find a good tire shop / repair shop / dealer to check for any error codes to diagnose why your traction control light is on. See "Related Questions" below for more

Why would your 96 lumina's low trac light come on at during low speed turns?

I am assuming this is a traction control warning light. Some vehicles have yaw and roll sensors. If the sensor is bad and is returning a faulty voltage value to the module (probably the body control module) that monitors those sensors, the light will come on.

Does traction control use more gas?

Depending how the car is driven determines is the car uses more gas. If the brakes are applied while driving faster in the rain, the traction control would kick in and use more gas.

Why would the service engine soon light come on in my Chevy?

Usually aproblem in the emission control system - have vehicle scanned to determine the problem