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The bulb that is not illuminating, is installed incorrectly. Take it out, and replace it with a new one, making sure the nubs on the socket are in the right slots.

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Q: Why would the turn signal on a 98 S10 blink really fast inside but neither the brake light nor the turn signal light up at the rear of the truck?
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Why would the turn signal on a 2002 Taurus blink really fast inside but neither the brake light nor the turn signal light up at the rear of the car?

Check your bulb, In the rear of the Generation 4 Ford Taurus, they use a single Dual filament bulb for the marker, turn signal, and brake functions. Chances are your bulb is burnt out and needs replacement.

Why do my 2003 ranger blinkers do not blink lights come on but do not blink?

turn signal relay is bad

2002 ford expedition front turn signal blink to fast and the rear signal don't blink at all?

your rear bulb is blown - replace the bulb The turn signal blinks fast because the bulb is going out. That is also why the others dont blink.

What makes a car signal blink?

Flasher relay.

How do you make the signal lights to blink faster?

Buy a "highway" turn signal flasher

Right turn signal will not blink?

Check your bulbs and your flasher.

Why does the right turn signal just light up and not blink on an 92 Buick century?

More then likely it needs to be replaced, if its the actual signal inside the car, turn it on check outside the car which one it is and replace!!

How do you make my turn signal blink faster?

Why would you want the blinker faster. They should blink at factory specs.

Where is the location of the turn signal relay on a Volvo 850?

its inside the hazard switch, usually tapping on the dash over the hazard switch will make it blink again

What does it mean when your signal light does not blink?

The flasher is broken. It is located inside the hazard switch and easy to replace. The switch is about $30 from the dealership and takes 10 minutes to replace.

Why does the turn signal not blink on my 1990 Oldsmobile?

Probably needs a fuse.

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