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Go to auto zone and have the alt checked out. The voltage reg may be hanging which will cause all kinds of problems.

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Q: Why would the voltage meter on a 1995 Ford Aerostar 3.0L go all the way up past 18 and stay up there when driving?
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Why would you get a negative voltage reading?

Because the meter is connected backwards

What would cause the electrical power to fade in and out while driving?

the voltage regulator

How would you zero the VOM on the direct current voltage?

To zero a VOM on DC voltage, leave it unconnected - in DC voltage mode - and then adjust the meter zero screw until it reads zero.

You were driving your aerostar van and it just stopped going the motor kept running but it would go any where?

either out of trans. oil , or tranmission is shot

Why does 120 volt outlet read 145 volts on meter?

A reading of 145 volts is high. The first thing that I would check is the accuracy of your meter. Check the voltage reading at different locations for example, friends homes, to see if the reading is still high there. If it is check your meter reading against another meter. If you are sure that your meter and reading is correct then call the utility company and get them to check the voltage for you.

How a voltage circuit measures voltage?

A voltmeter uses the principle of Ohm's law, which states simply that the amount of current that flows in a circuit is equal to the voltage applied divided by the resistance of the circuit. Therefore, if one were to connect a known resistance in series with a meter across a voltage source, then the meter deflection would be proportional to the current flow and hence the voltage. The meter is calibrated in volts so that the test voltage can be read directly. The meter used in a voltmeter is very sensitive, typically 50 micro-amperes so that it does not affect the reading by its load on the circuit. pizza is good when volts don't go thru!!

Why would never measure resistance in a circuit carrying a current?

If the circuit is carrying current then that means that the load (resistance) is in the circuit. if an ohm meter is connected in the live circuit then there would be some voltage drop at the ohm meter but as the meter has very less resistance, this would damage the instrument.

How do you repair the voltage meter on a 1994 Ford Probe?

you can't repair one you would have to buy a new one and put it on

How do you test to see if wires are live?

With a voltage detector or a multi meter. Don't touch the wires to your tongue. That would be bad!

What would the cable size be for a 90 meter armoured cable with a 110 amp supply with a 330 amp start up?

To calculate voltage drop to size the wire, a voltage must be stated.

What is wrong with your single phase electricity meter if it does not show any numbers in the meter reading panel?

One of the conditions that would cause this is that there is no supply voltage to the top of the meter. Another problem could be, the neutral tickler wire has become disconnected.

Can a watt meter that has current through its current coil and a potential across its voltage coil indicate zero?

A watt meter that has current through its current coil and voltage across its voltage coil will indicate zero if the power factor between the volts and amps is zero. This condition would be one in which the current will either lead or lag the voltage by 90 degrees and the circuit will have amps, volts, VARS, and VA, but will not have Watts.

How do you identify the hot wires if they are not white or black?

You can use either a volt meter and go from the line in question to ground and see if you have voltage. You can also get a non contact voltage tester which is what I would use and place it on the wire in question and it will beep if voltage is present.

How do you connect volt meter in battery charger?

To measure voltage be in parallel with the battery. Series would measure current. Parallel measures potential.

What would happen if ammeter were connected directly across a voltage source?

An ammeter measures current by either being inserted in series with the load being measured or using a clamp-on device that induces a proportional current that the meter measures. Nothing should happen if you connect an ammeter across a voltage source unless it was very high voltage compared to the rating of the meter.

What is the voltage volts for the throttle position sensor and where does the voltage come from on a 94 potiac grand am?

the voltage "persay" comes from the ecu(computer) i would not use a test light to see if voltage is present thay can be intrusive and short the ecu u will need a dvom meter and service manual to test that circut

When I am driving my 2002 Chevy impala the temperature meter moves from the middle to almost overheating and back what would cause this?


What would cause gauges in 1989 ford aerostar to read hot and to discharge?

If are driving when this happens, it is usually due to a broken fan belt...this belt turns both your water pump & alternator...

What type of engine oil does a 1993 ford aerostar XL use?

A 1993 Ford Aerostar would have come from the factory with ( 5W-30 )

What is the fuel capacity on a 1989 Aerostar?

That would be 21 gallons.

What would cause a meter to read negative voltage across a DC motor?

A DC motor generates power when it is rotating even when no supply is connected.

How can a person measure their car battery voltage?

There are a few ways one can measure battery voltage. One would be to take it to an auto store like Auto Zone or Advance Auto Parts where they usually have battery voltage meters. If one would like to do it on their own, they would need to purchase a volt meter to test the battery life and to see if any cells are dead.

Describe how a meter would be connected in a circuit too measure the voltage at a light bulb?

When connecting a volt meter to a light bulb to measure the voltage of the light bulb, run a third wire from where the wire enters the bulb to one terminal of the voltmeter and a fourth wire from the other side of the bulb to the other terminal of the voltmeter.

Does watt meter use for ac and dc?

No, on dc the power is measured by the produce of the voltage and current so there is no need for a wattmeter, which would not work on dc anyway.

How would you measure the voltage drop across the relay coil?

The voltage drop across a relay coil will be the same as the coil supply voltage. If you are trying to see if the coil is good or not, remove one of the voltage supply leads and check for continuity by using an ohm meter across the coil leads. A reading will tell you that the coil is intact and not open.