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Why would there be a faint smell of fuel when the air conditioner is on?

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2015-07-17 17:47:37
2015-07-17 17:47:37
The best way to keep the foul smell out is to open windows and use fans to bring in a lot of fresh air before the AC is started. Keeping the AC room clean is also equally important.


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Check your muffler and exhaust pipe for holes and also check your manifold gasket it may need replacing, exhaust fumes smell like faint fuel, if there is not leak this could be the problem.

This could be caused by a few different things....check the purge canister if the vehicle has one.....also check the fuel pressure regulator for a leaking diaphram.The air conditioning is "sucking" the fumes in from the purge canister or the pressure regulator.

Any fuel leak in the engine compartment can transfer into the cabin when the a/c is turned on. I doubt the exhaust would be confused with fuel but that's just my nose. Some vehicles have common recall problems such as the intrepid for fuel rails leaking. you should never smell fuel

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Using a Diesel fuel conditioner would be good for your engine and would not be bad at all.

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Fuel leak? Charcoal canister?

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Fuel leak at hose or fitting Carbon canister is exhausted

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I would suspect you have a fuel leak at the fuel tank. Can be a fuel line leaking or the fuel pump gasket may be defective.

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