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i would get this checked immediately. i had the same problem and there was a major leak in the fuel lines and the car could explode at any time. i was sitting on top of a ticking time bomb. Dealer had to fix it.

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โˆ™ 2006-06-25 01:10:43
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Q: Why would there be a gas smell coming from the heater of a 2004 Grand Am?
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Why would a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo have a smell of antifreeze coming through the dash vents?

i believe the heater core is leaking, a small pin hole leak can generate a lot of smell.

What might cause smoke coming from a cars air vents?

Most of the time it is caused by a hole in the heater core, do you smell a sweet smell? The sweet smell would be the antifreeze.

Why would a Honda Passport's heater blow cold air and you smell antifreeze?

Probably - your head gasket is blown. Antifreeze will be coming out of the tail (exhaust) pipe.

Why would an antifreeze smell be coming into the car?

If you smell antifreeze in the passenger compartment of your car your heater core is probably leaking. It's under the dash somewhere ( depends on the make and model ). Another symptom of a leaking heater core is moisture build up on the inside of the windshield when you run your defroster.

Why would you smell antifreeze and heater blow cold air?

heater core possibly plugged and leaking

Why would the heater in a 2002 Grand Prix only work on high?

Defective heater resistor pack.

What would the odd smell be coming through the vents on a 1995 Monte Carlo only when heat is on?

the best possible guess I could think of is mice... If it's a chemical smell, you might have a heater core leak. If it's a mildew smell, maybe you have an interior air filter that is funky.

Why would the inside of your car smell like coolant?

Leaking heater core

What would make the heater in a Jeep Cherokee make a very loud noise and smell like smoke when turned on?

there is a whole in the heater core

Where would a major leak near the area of the radiator be coming from if it does not seem to be coming from the radiator itself?

Check your heater hoses, that's where the water ciruclates into the heater from the water pump.

What can you do about the smell coming from your vent in your 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

BG chemicals and some other companies have a cleaner that is sprayed directly into the evaporator case. It would have to be done by a repair shop.

What would cause the floorboard to be soaking wet on a Pontiac Grand Prix?

windshield leaking heater core or heater core hoses.

Why would you smell antifreeze through your defrost?

Blown Heater Core - The heater fan blows past the heater core and if it has a hole in it your antifreeze ios being blown onto your windshield.

Why would you have a strong colant smell coming out of the ac vent of a Lincoln Navigator?

Probably a leaky heater core. Look in the passenger side floor board (maybe driver side as well) and see if the carpet is wet. These are all tell tell signs of a heater core that is leaking.

Why would you smell exhaust fumes in a car only when the heater is on?

If the car heat has a fresh air setting, then it could be drawing air from outside of the vehicle. The fumes are most likely coming from a problem under the hood.

Why would the inside of your car smell like antifreeze?

It probably has a leak, possibly from the heater core.

Why would a Chemical smell be coming from ac vents after evaporator and expansion valve replaced in 1992 acura legend?

Changing ac components under the hood should not cause a chemical smell. If the smell changes by changing the air settings from recirculate to fresh, then there may be some chemicals on the outside of the parts. It is also possible that you damaged a part of the heater core system and the smell is antifreeze.

Why is there no heater working on your 1990 Dodge Grand Caravan?

The heater would not be working on a 1990 Dodge Grand Caravan if the heater core is damaged or blocked. Hot coolant from the engine must flow through the core to allow hot air to pass into the cabin.

Why would the heater and blower stop working on a 2000 grand am?

The blower may simply have burned out. If the blower is out then the heater probably still works.

Theres a nasty smell coming from the vents of my 1998 corolla What would be the problem But when i turn on the AC it goes away what should i do?

Depends on the smell. What does it smell like?

Why does the ac smell like antifreeze in your 97 hombre?

Only reason would be that the heater core is leaking.

Why would you have a urine smell coming from your vagina?

this is a urine passage

Why would a 1993 cadillac eldarado run hot at idle except when the heater is on?

The cooling fan at the radiator is not coming on. Running the heater take heat out of the coolant as it goes through the heater.

Car smells like gas when heat is on?

There are several things that could be going on. The most common thing that would make your car smell like gas when the heater is on would be a bad heater core.

What is the vinegar smell coming from the ac Tahoe?

if your asking about your air conditioning, it could be your refrigerant, but a smell that would more closely resemble vinegar would probably be your coolant

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